By: Michael Alan Nelson (writer), Alejandro Aragon (art), Nolan Woodard (colors), Johnny Lowe (letters) & Ian Brill (editor)

The Story: Selina is in big trouble, as she is captured by a British Army Officer that has bone to pick with her.

What’s Good: So far in this series, Selina has kinda been the baddest person in the story.  It’s really remarkable how well Nelson has pulled that off.  When I watch a TV show like Nikita, I just fundamentally have a hard time believing that a 120 pound woman regardless of her level of training is able to continually smash five 250 pound men who are also well trained.  It just doesn’t work that way in real life.  But, Nelson has never made me question for a second that Selina is the baddest MF in the story.

So, it’s kinda interesting to see her suddenly in a situation where she is no physical match AT ALL for the British Army officer who has taken her captive.  Sure, she gives it the old college try a few times, but Captain Stiles is soooo on another level physically that he is almost disdainful of her efforts.  Thus, it is fun to watch Selina have to come up with another plan to extricate herself.  I particularly loved the exchange about why Stiles has allowed her to keep “her” machete.

I honestly thought the art was a mixed bag in this issue.  I wouldn’t ever call it “bad art”, but it was not as crisp as this series has been and there were a few scenes where Selina looked really funny.

What’s Not So Good: I’m not a big fan of how this story line ends, especially the way it seems to have resolved itself so quickly.  Captain Stiles has been lurking for a long time in this series, so I’m kinda surprised to see him exit stage left right away.

And, I really didn’t like the way he went down.  For one thing, I just didn’t buy it.  That minefield was laid by his fellow soldiers to kill infected humans.  Wouldn’t they have bothered to mark it somehow?  Pretty sure that there are marking conventions for minefields in the military field journals of the world.  Or wouldn’t Stiles, who was completely in control of everything else just deduce that it was a pretty good place for a minefield or at least see all the remains from the infected setting off mines at the end of the 28 Days movie?  This ending also was the first time that this series has really required knowledge of the movie.  On one hand, I wonder how many people are reading this that DIDN’T see the movie.  But, on the other, if you don’t remember that scene from the movie, you are going to be completely confused as to what happens at the end.

That’s just a little disappointing from this comic.  It really stands on its own and is a bigger and richer story than the movie ever was, so I don’t like it suddenly being dependent upon the film.

Conclusion: Not the best ending to a story arc.  I enjoyed parts of it, but the ending just didn’t make a lot of sense to me (for a story that happens “in the real world”).  All series are going to go through a lull like this and I’ll be curious to see what is in store for us going forward with this outstanding series.  I also have a question about whether this story will tie into the continuity of the 28 Weeks Later movie. That would be cool.

Grade: C+

-Dean Stell