By: Christopher Hastings (writer), Bong Dazo (pencils), Joe Pimentel (inks), Matt Milla (colors), Simon Bowland (letters), Jordan D. White (editor)

The Story: Mercenaries make money in any crisis, so why should Fear Itself be any different?  And what would happen if Deadpool were one of The Worthy?

The Review: Deadpool makes a great home for all those silly, tongue-in-cheek concepts that come boiling out of their creative summits that could never see the light of day in a “serious” Marvel comic book.  Nothing in a Deadpool comic book is every going to matter in the bigger scheme of things, but that’s okay because the reader knows that going in.

If you enjoy Deadpool, the basic concept for this one is pretty good as we see him taking advantage of the Fear Itself situation to sell home-security systems to frightful suburbanites.  How perfect is that for Deadpool?  And just as he’s telling the homeowners that the system will make their house Juggernaut-proof, who should smash a hole though the house: The Juggernaut.  In the ensuing chaos a plumbers’ truck get’s blown up and when the smoke clears, a plumber’s sledgehammer is laying in the crater.  Gasp!  Could this be Deadpool’s hammer?????  Deadpool picks it up and hilarity ensues.  It isn’t the best Deadpool I’ve ever read, but it’s very acceptable.

Dazo’s art is also very much tongue-in-cheek throughout.  He’s packing a lot of detail into these pages and Deadpool is kinda a pain to draw anyway with all the pouches, diamonds on the handle of his sword, etc.  Really it is a perfect style for a Deadpool story because it makes for a chaotic visual experience to match the weird story.

Conclusion: Hardly essential reading unless you were dying to know what Deadpool did during Fear Itself, but it’ll whet your whistle if that’s what you’re looking for.

Grade: C+

-Dean Stell

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