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Weekly Comic Book Review’s Top Picks

Alex’s Top Picks

Best From The Past Week: New Avengers #14 – A really close call between this and Journey into Mystery, but given how exemplary this week’s issue of New Avengers was, as compared to Journey into Mystery’s consistent excellence, it’s hard not to recognize New Avenger’s outstanding effort that went above the series norm.  Fantastic character work that made me into a much bigger fan of Mockingbird.

Most Anticipated:Daredevil #1 – Daredevil is one of those characters who will always mean a lot to me.  While being a kid in the late 80s-early 90s pretty much guaranteed that I was an X-fan, Daredevil was my favourite hero, ever since finding a box of Frank Miller Daredevil back issues in a discount store in NYC.  His were the stories that really hit me hard as a kid as they always felt “adult,” epic, and emotional in ways I’d never experienced in comics before.

But it’s been hard times for Matt Murdock.  Shadowland was a catastrophe, Andy Diggle’s run before that never quite managed to hit its full potential, and Daredevil: Reborn was salt in the wound.  It all lend me to believe that after career defining work by Brian Bendis and a run of Ed Brubaker doing what he does best, perhaps the downcast noir well has run dry.

So I look forward to Mark Waid’s dashing and more upbeat direction.  And hey, at the very least, the art is going to be ridiculously, eye-meltingly good.

Other Picks: Avengers #15, Batman: Gates of Gotham #3, Invincible Iron Man #506

Dean’s Top Picks

Best From The Past Week: American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #2 – The excellence of the American Vampire franchise is almost getting to be routine, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be celebrated.  This was a #2 issue and it still managed to toss enough cool Indiana Jones and James Bond themes to make this story more than routine.  It really would have been possible for Snyder to sit back and just advance the story of vampire-hunter secret agents infiltrating Nazi-held Europe before America’s involved in WWII.  But….he didn’t take the easy way out and that made the story better than adequate.  And, I LOVE Sean Murphy’s art.  He has this incredible combination of cartooning and realism that opens up all sorts of possibilities that most artists can’t touch.  Runner-up: Loose Ends #1

Most Anticipated: Elephantmen #33 – There are a lot of interesting looking Big 2 superhero books coming out this week….and….while I’m looking forward to some, none is making my mouth water, so let’s shine a light on a title that has been consistently strong for a very long time: Elephantmen.  This long-running story of a dystopian future where animal-human hybrids who were created as weapons of war and are now trying to assimilate into a society that hates and fears them is always compelling and has always featured excellent art.  You can’t go wrong picking up Elephantmen.

Other Picks: The Walking Dead #87, Hulk #37, Sergio Aragones Funnies #1, Hack/Slash #6, Avengelyn #1, Marineman #6, Daredevil #1

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