By: Victor Gischler (writer), Jorge Molina (artist), Guru EFX (colors), Jordan D. White (assistant editor), Daniel Ketchum (associate editor)

The Story: A very old flame sends a distress signal to Cyclops and Magneto. It is delivered by FF, who are now sporting their new Dr. Doom look.

What Good: I was a fan of the art. Although I am usually allergic to the Rob Liefeld-esque posturing of heroes (see Cyclops, Wolverine and Thing at various moments), they looked good. Cyclops was an imposing leader and everyone looked heroic. The action sequences had a bit of an anime feel to them with the sort of frozen still-shot with bits of motion blurred beyond recognition. The fastball special was a good example, and it worked. On draftsmanship, I had no complaints. The figures, background and tech were clean and detailed, and the faces, while often expressionless (except for Franklin), were attractive. I really enjoyed the sequence in the submarine, and the double splash page with the staples was awesome in opening up a panoramic scope.

What’s Not So Good: I enjoyed this story in the way I enjoy a very tasty appetizer. It was finely done, but lacked the heft to do anything with my appetite. A bit like the recent Ghost Rider/X-Men team-up (see WCBR’s X-Men 15.1 review), I didn’t engage emotionally, nor did the characters. Yes, Cyclops’ ex-girlfriend is in the picture, but did I get to see how he felt about it? No. Nor did anyone else approach the task of finding her with anything more than fluffy quippery (which is close to how I might describe some hors d’oeuvres). My main beef is, I want an emotional experience out of a story. I didn’t get one here, and that suddenly made me question the nearly five bucks I paid. That’s not a good sign.

Conclusion: This is an interesting start to a pure adventure story, with great art, but limited emotional investment. Spend your dollars accordingly.

Grade: B-

-DS Arsenault

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