Best From The Past Week: American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #5 – Endings are always hard.  Consider how much gushing the blog and podcasting element of the comic community does over #1 issues and then how the babble dies down because the creators can’t close the deal.  Not a problem here.  Scott Snyder still hasn’t had an issue that could even be called “average” or “meh” and he continues that here.  We get a nice wrap of this Nazi-vampire story that closes up some plot pieces and opens new things for Snyder to explore in the future.  Even if you don’t read American Vampire, this would make a great self-contained read.  Of course, a writer cannot do it alone and this miniseries wouldn’t have reached it’s lofty heights without the talents of Sean Murphy, who is IMHO one of the best artists currently working in comics.  LOVE his combination of cartooning and realism.  Just go buy it!  Runner-up: Who is Jake Ellis #5 (another great ending)

Most Anticipated This Week: Xenoholics #1 – This comic looks like fun and I’ve looked forward to it from the first teaser art showing a man confessing that he has been kidnapped by aliens.  He admits that they anally probed him…..and……”he thinks he liked it”.  Of course, there will need to be more meat on the bone than a simple anal probing joke that reminds me of an old Kids in the Hall skit, but it seems like that slightly dark and slightly warped sense of humor that I enjoy.

Other Picks: Batman #2, Justice League #2, Near Death #2, Fear Itself #7 (TGIO!), Hulk #43, Superior #6, Atomic Robo: Ghost of Station X #2, Cold War #1