Best From The Past Week: Wolverine #19 – This was just a really funny book. Not so much in a way that detracts from the gruff and grim character of Wolverine, but more in a smart-ass, black-humor kind of way.  I love it.  And it was also great to see a couple of characters like Fat Cobra and Gorilla Man turn up.  Sure, they can’t sustain their own series, but they’re still great supporting characters.  Runner-up: Daredevil #6

Most Anticipated: Avenging Spider-Man #2 – There are a number of enticing offerings on an otherwise light comics week, but I’m probably most looking forward to another dose of Avenging Spider-Man.  Zeb Well’s script in the first issue was fun and funny and Joe Mad hasn’t missed a beat with the art.

Other Picks: I Zombie #20, Sweet Tooth #28, Amazing Spider-Man #675, Hack/Slash #10, X-Club #1, X-Men #22