Best From The Past Week: Fearless Dawn: Secret of the Swamp One-Shot – A LOT of good comics in the past week (with Severed #7 and Wolverine and the X-Men #5 being my other two favorites).  Honestly, sometimes when I have a virtual “tie” like this, I choose the winner based on how many panels each comic has left seared into my brain.  That’s a big deal because honestly, by the end of the week, I often cannot remember anything about some comics.  But, that’s not a problem with Fearless Dawn and Steve Mannion’s wonderful art and clever storytelling.  I can close my eyes and recall pretty fine details of ~10 panels from this issue.  It’s THAT good.  Do yourself a huge favor and check his work out.

Most Anticipated: Batman #6 – After the tour de force that issue #5 represented who can wait for this?  Even if I STILL think the spinning page orientation was a gimmick that overshadowed other subtle excellence like Capullo’s art when Bruce retreated back into his corner of the maze….like a bat….  I mean…..the work that Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are putting in here is just tremendous and this is what you get when you have a great writer and great artist who are working together.  Every issue from them is “can’t miss”.

Other picks: Hmm… It’s a very light week.  Amazing Spider-Man #679.1, Daredevil #9, Glamourpuss #23, Thunderbolts #170.  Take advantage and go read some back issues or Jacques Tardi graphic novels.  That’s what I’ll be doing.



  • Anonymous

    Do you speak French, Dean? There’s only a handful of Tardi’s work that’s been translated.

    • dfstell

      Nope….I just read the Fantagraphics translations. My bilingual-nature stops at being able to passably read Spanish but I don’t speak well at ALL.

      But, I would bet that with some of the new tools like Google Translate, that someone with zero French could probably work their way through a Tardi comic.