By: Kel Symons (writer), Mark A. Robinson (art), Paul Little (colors) and Paul Brosseau (letters)

The Story: Felica gets into hijinks.

Quick review: Much like I Love Trouble‘s debut, this issue is defined by the art and the main character, whereas I’m not too sure I’m following “the story”.

The art is so different than what we usually get in comics these days.  In an era where we get too many splash pages and often feel lucky to have four story-telling panels per page, it’s refreshing to see a guy like Mark Robinson go in the other direction: He’s putting down 10 panels per page for much of this issue.  What’s more, he’s keeping it really fresh by mixing up the page designs and panel locations.  The pages have a wonderful balance to them too.  Overall, it’s very freshly designed book.  It’s almost hard to describe how much I enjoy the look of the comic without blathering, “I like the little layout vignettes and I like the cartoony characters and I love the coloring and I like the…”

Trust me.  It looks GREAT!  It also passed the test where I paused in the middle of the review to casually look for Mark A. Robinson original art (….but didn’t find anything from ILT).

I really like the main character too.  She’s fun and scampy, always making some lousy decisions but savvy enough to avoid any serious damage from those poor choices.  You can’t help but like Felicia.  Although you do want to shake her and say, “You’re not going to be 22 forever.  You need to get a handle on your life.  What is cute and humorous at this age will look dreary and pathetic in 10 years.  Really?!?!?  A NECK TATTOO??!!??!!”  It’s a testament to the creative team that they can make us feel that way about the character after only two issues.

The story itself is where I have a little problem with the series.  This issue was a series of vignettes that showed some of Felicia’s past exploits.  I guess it’s a guide to how she became the lovable scamp that she is.  While these tales were very entertaining, I’m not sure how they knit together to give us a story in the present day.  I guess I’m not sure what the main story is all about and this could become a problem in future issues.  For now, I’m enjoying the artwork and the central character enough that the story has time to build, but longer term I’ll need the story to coalesce.

Another possibility is that the art is so cool and frenetic that it might just be blowing the script off the page??  Regardless, this issue was a success.  When I read the first issue, I really had no expectations other than “checking out a new Image #1 issue”.  With this issue, I knew what to expect and was still very impressed by the art and the whimsical tone.

Conclusion: VERY snappy art and a clever main character.  I’m still struggling to find a main story though.

Grade: B

– Dean Stell