By: Rick Remender (Writer), Matteo Scalera (Artist), Matthew Wilson (Colorist)

The Story: The Secret Avengers manages to get on the scene to fight Father and his plan for massive robotic evolution.

The Review: Rick Remender, much like Jonathan Hickman, is a man with a plan. With each arc and characters he gets to write, he builds a plan that leads inevitably to a great confrontation, a crux if you will. He did so in Uncanny X-Force, in Fear Agent, and he does so right now in Secret Avengers.

Many of his characters are now set in place, for a grand finale involving all the major players. Be it with some grand choices they have to make or confrontations they had to face, most of the characters are now going against the massive threat that had been built from the very moment Rick Remender had begun writing this series and Father in Uncanny X-Force. There is a lot of action in this issue and a lot of very big and decisive moments, most of which are a joy to read.

However, there is perhaps a little too much packed into this issue, as most of these events don’t necessarily gets all the panels and pages they deserve. Rick Remender excels in showing us the gravitas of a single scene or event, yet here he seems to be inserting the plot he could not manage to plug elsewhere right before the final issue of his run. It sometimes seems a bit rushed, which is a shame because several of these scenes are actually very interesting and strong. I particularly loved the Captain Britain against the Human Torch battle or the beginning or giant Hank Pym against the giant Sentinel.

Considering how much plot and action he has to put in this issue, Rick Remender makes some strange choice in this issue, like focusing some a whole page on Spider-Man and allowing him a lot of dialogue. I get that he is the voice of normalcy and serves as a transition to introduce the fact that Captain Britain, Hawkeye and Beast are back from Earth-666, yet he does not do anything very worthwhile during the whole issue, making me question why he was inserted in the first place. There could have been some more focus on the cast of characters that form the Secret Avengers instead of him.

Something that also irks me about this issue is the fact that the two female characters, Black Widow and Valkyrie, are easily beaten down by the villains in the issue. It is a bit disappointing to see that the two badass women on the team were so easily beaten to unconsciousness and unable to add anything to the final and crucial conflict of the series.

What is anything but disappointing though is the art. Matteo Scalera does some very fine action scenes, making us believe the impact of each strikes or the swiftness of movement from each characters. Most of the battles and use of various powers are well drawn, resulting in him amplifying the already intense battles with his art. A single thing that could bring him a bit down, though, would be how he draws Spider-Man. His version of Peter Parker looks a little bit too bulky in some panels, as Spider-Man has always been drawn with a slender body.

The Conclusion: An issue with some great concepts and confrontations that unfortunately don’t get all the time they deserve to be fully explored in all the littlest details. Thankfully, this final arc from Remender has some great scenes and some pretty solid artwork.

Grade: B

Hugo Robberts Larivière