By: Brian Wood (writer), Carlos D’Anda (artist), Gabe Eltaeb (Colorist)

The Story: After an ambush by the empire on Luke, Leia and Wedge, the alliance suspects that there might be a spy in their midst.

The Review: Star Wars means a lot to most of us, both as a sci-fi universe and as movies. It is cherished by millions, loving the classic battle between good and evil that was represented during the whole saga. It is a universe that is no stranger to comics, with some very good stories told in its vast continuity and lore. Writing in such a loved universe can have its lot of challenge to even the most seasoned of veterans or the greatest of writer. It is even more so when the story that is told in this issue is set in the most beloved part of the saga: the original trilogy of films.

A single error in characterization, in the timeline or the addition of several unwanted elements could topple all this noble effort down by the fans. Thankfully, Brian Wood is a smart writer and knows exactly what he can and what he should do with this series and all its characters. Here we see all the beloved characters, themes and designs from the first movie in a comic book format and it works really well, incorporating just the right amount of new elements in the mix to make sure it is a brand new tale.

Brian Wood even makes sure that is also feels like a new tale, as he takes some very cautious yet necessary steps to make sure everyone can follow where the story goes. Many know just who Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia are, but Wood makes the smart choice to explain everything in a concise manner. It is a smart move, considering the fact that it is a first issue, but also because he uses all those elements to make sure people new to the franchise can still follow everything and get a sense of the characters and conflict.

Even though old fans of the series might think that explaining to them who is Han Solo is futile, it is nonetheless necessary considering the fact that Wood need to take a hold of them as characters. Most of his portrayals are spot on, be it the fact that Luke is still a bit uncertain about his future and his role as a Jedi, or the fact that Han Solo might be regretting a bit that he helped the alliance since it hinders on his smuggler career. However, the character that is most fleshed out is Princess Leia, who I do believe will become the focus of this series. It is a smart decision, as Brian Wood can explain how she became the leader of the rebellion between the two films, becoming a much tougher and better character during those years of fighting. From the very start of the issue, we can see how she was affected by the events of the first film and how she is trying to cope with this. He character focus in this issue is brilliant and I do wonder where Brian Wood will go with this.

Another thing that is brilliant would be the art of Carlos D’Anda who does great justice to the design of the original trilogy. His ships, cruisers and technology are nothing short of wonderful. His characters are also superb, with subtle traits in their faces and poses that makes them feel alive in those pages. The colors are nice as well, with some very nice effects done for the various shadows in the issue. Be it holograms, lasers or thrusters, none of the colors feel out of place in any of the panels. The art department as a whole does not disappoint.

The Conclusion: This issue is a showcase of smart pacing that will please old fans and make sure that no new readers will feel left out. What Brian Wood, Carlos D’Anda and Gabe Eltaes are doing there is a big gamble that is so far succeeding.

Grade: B+

Hugo Robberts Larivière