If you’ve read my reviews for a while, you know that I often think it’s pretty risky to mash real-world problems into the fantastic, implausible, often ridiculous worlds that exist in comics.  In some ways, it minimizes how serious these problems actually are in our lives.  But when a writer tries to use a story to reach out to those suffering from real-world problems, that’s a different case entirely.

GrayHaven Comics has enlisted nearly 50 different writers, including Raven Gregory, Dirk Manning, and Gail Simone, to contribute to an original graphic novel dedicated to those who have suffered abuse.  You Are Not Alone is for those who have been targeted for the color of their skin, sexual orientation, weight, interests, and anything else others see fit to attack.  If this 150+ page book can be distilled to one message, it is one for those who feel as if they have nowhere else to turn: you are not alone.

To spread this message to as many people as possible, GrayHaven has launched a Kickstarter to raise funds for printing this book to be given away at schools and youth organizations for free.  I strongly encourage all WCBR readers to check out the project and consider offering your support in any way possible.  For those interested in helping or learning more, check out:

We all try to find our own ways to help others.  This could be yours.

– Minhquan Nguyen



  • Just gave 5$ to the project. I urge others to donate, even it’s only a single dollar. A project like this should earn our support.