By: Jason Latour (Writer), Nic Klein (Artist/Colorist)

The Story: Bucky gets pushed on a certain mission by Nick Fury and has to save an undercover agent from Hydra.

The Review: Jason Latour is not a lucky person. Having taken this title right after Ed Brubaker’s departure, he now hasthe pressure to please those who have grown with Bucky Barnes, the one character Brubaker took from obscurity to popularity in the pages of Captain America. It is sad to say, but many won’t continue reading the book simply because Ed Brubaker’s name is not on the book anymore.

That would be an error, since the book continues to be strong, despite the fact that the main voice behind Bucky is gone. As a matter of fact, Jason Latour actually does get the character here, providing us with the next step in his adventures after the conclusion of the last issue. Here, we see Bucky devastated, picking up fights in bar and getting drunk after having lost close to everything he cared about. With this tone set, here comes Nick Fury that pushes him with a traditional speech that is both comforting, yet utterly manipulative. Latour write a pretty good Nick Fury, but it’s his Bucky that really does shine here. The way he was written and how his dialogue is done, I could swear Ed Brubaker was still the writer.

Even though he gets the way Bucky is usually written, Latour goes on a different direction here, giving us some kind of one-shot story that hints at being a piece of a larger structure. This actually really works, giving us some good spy stuff alongside some solid action. Bucky goes right in the middle of a shootout in this issue and all hell breaks loose when he and the person he’s supposed to pick up confront a bigger threat. The action here is well-paced, energetic and exciting, providing us with some memorable shooting and fisticuffs.

What is also memorable would be Nic Klein’s art. To say that it is gorgeous would be plain injustice, as he absolutely rocks this book with his skills and colors. The page where we see the credits are done in an old ‘’espionage movie’’ style that pops out of the pages, as if we were seeing the intro of the recent Casino Royale movie with Daniel Craig. His panel layouts are also quite inventive in some places, especially when Bucky arrives on the scene to save Joe Robards life. Still, it is truly his colorization that completely won me over, using just the right palette at the right time. The Hydra scenes are green, the credit page is full of warm colors and everything else is a beautiful mix of somber with cold and warm colors. Truly, this book still looks good.

The Conclusion: I urge people to stay on this book to give Jason Latour a chance. With this issue, he has proven that he can write great action, good dialogue and actually gets who Bucky Barnes is. Combine that with the amazing art of Nic Klein and you have a great book here. Heavily recommended.

Grade: B+

Hugo Robberts Larivière