The Story: TWD is back after a several month hiatus.  Will anyone die?  Will Daryl and Merle fight?  Will Rick cheer up?

A few things (with SPOILERS): Not good. Not good at all…  There were a few glimmers of hope in this episode, but they were just HOPE.  As in, “I hope that plot thread leads us somewhere interesting.”  Let’s not get too optimistic as the creative talent on this show has shown little penchant for pouncing on opportunity, nor has the hiatus fixed TWD‘s central problem that Rick is more annoying than compelling.

1. Boring, boring, boring…: Imagine TWD was a “found footage” story and sometime, hundreds of years after the zombie apocalypse, a person finds two videos.  One is marked, “Dixon boys.  Redneck overland adventure.”  The other is marked, “Rick and the prison.”  Which would you rather watch???

It would have been infinitely more interesting if the cameras had followed Merle and Darryl off into the forest.  They’d kill zombies, they’d fight about the optimal way to skin lizards, they’d make alcohol… Heck, Merle would probably rig up some redneck catapult system and use it to fling his own poo over the wall into Woodbury.

Instead, the creators let their two most interesting characters – and best actors – disappear into the forest so that we could see more brooding back at the prison. It isn’t much fun watching Herschel hop down steps to warn Tyrese’s newcomers about Rick’s crabby attitude or see how Rick’s baby cries when he holds it (“You’re not my daddy!) or Carl doing… Well, whatever Carl’s doing.  The worst thing to happen to this show is that it is an adaptation of a comic book.  They’re too focused on the general storylines/characters, and they’re telling boring stories instead of doing what works.

2. Rick is still being an ass: The whole “drama” about whether Tyrese’s group will be permitted to stay was so much false conflict.  We all know that Tyrese and Company are staying.  Let’s look at facts: First, Tyrese is a fan-favorite character who was oddly omitted from the first couple seasons of TWD.  Second, Tyrese is being played by an actor who played a cult-favorite role on The Wire.  Third, the producers of TWD made a big deal about the introduction of Tyrese.  Fourth, there are a bunch of “Tyrese storylines” for the show to tell.  There is no way that Rick will seriously send Tyrese away, so why all the strum and drang about it?  Why waste ~10 minutes of the show with this false drama?  All this is doing is showing that Rick is a jerk who won’t shake a man’s hand when earnestly offered.  It’s fine for Rick to be mistrustful, but that mistrust could be better depicted in other ways.

3. Andrea the orator: Imagine you have defied the odds and survived the initial onslaught from the zombies.  You found safety in Woodbury.  You are now concerned about the stability of a man who calls himself “The Governor” and gather with 30 other concerned citizens to form a yammering mob: YOU WANT TO SEE THE GOVERNOR AND KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON, DAMMIT!!!!!  Suddenly, the Governor’s attractive blond girlfriend – a newcomer to the group – orates for a few seconds about pulling together in these trying times.  Are you satisfied?  Would you quietly go back to your home and await word about the direction of the community?  Well, that’s what the Woodbury characters do in the TV show.  I certainly didn’t find it plausible.  And what is going on with Andrea’s relationship with the Governor?  She’s seen the weird gladiator fights, the zombie child, the fish-tanks, learned that he secretly kept her friends hostage, etc… And when he starts to blow her off, she actually says, “don’t drive me out!” as if this is some serious love-of-a-lifetime relationship to be fought for.  WTF?

4. Everyone is angry with everyone else: Of course everyone is stressed out and angry about the lack of food, safety and trust.  I’m just not sure that this much white, hot anger is the way to show it.  Remember that electric scene in Season Two where Rick, Glen and Herschel ran into “The Guys from Philly” in that old bar?  THAT was how to show the awful reality of people trying to be human in a fallen world.  THIS is just a lot of people yelling through gritted teeth.  Can you imagine how unpleasant the set would have been during the shooting of this episode?

5. Not a good time to crack up: Maybe the group will follow the comic storyline and remove Rick from power when he shows signs of insanity.  Snapping when seeing your dead wife and waving a gun around isn’t the best way to make people trust you.  The question is why the group doesn’t just toss Rick over the fence?  Carl would probably be in agreement!  What has he ever done positive for the group aside from metaphorically “holding them together?”  He’s certainly not helping them prepare for a certain onslaught from the Governor.

6. Same old problems: The primary problem for this show is that characters at the center of the action tend to be annoying and unlikeable while those on the periphery are more interesting.  Lori was awful.  Shane was awful.  Rick is awful.  Andrea and Michonne are awful.  The Governor is awful.  And to be clear, a character doesn’t have to be good-hearted to be interesting.  I like complex and interesting people.  In fact, I like complex and interesting people more than I like nice people.  None of these central characters of TWD are anyone you’d want to spend any time around.  But I would like to hang out with Tyrese, Glenn, Maggie, Carol, Darryl and even Merle.  Hell, hanging out with Merle would be interesting.

7. A few glimmers of hope: As I said initially, not everything was a loser in this episode.  For one thing, the creators have teamed-up the Dixon boys and that should produce some good fun in the future.  Those are two of the best characters – and actors – on this show (coincidence?) and they should be able to soar by themselves without all the Rick-baggage holding them back.  I doubt we’ve seen the last of them.  I wonder if they’ll play some role of riding to the rescue if/when the Gov attacks the prison?  I also think it’s intriguing that the show could explore the Carol/Tyrese relationship from the comics.  The actors playing both characters are folks I’d like to see more, and it would set up some an interesting dynamic whenever Darryl returns. A third promising development is that there were hints of a bigger Glen/Maggie romance when Herschel told Glen he was “like a son”.  Again, excellence can happen when you combine good elements.  Everyone likes Glen/Maggie/Herschel.  Good things will happen when those actors are on screen together.  Just keep Rick away and it’ll all be good.  He’s the rancid meat in the sandwich.

Conclusion: A concerning debut to the second half of the season.  This show is burdened by having central characters who are so unlikeable and uninteresting.  There is potential for a pretty good show, but it’ll never get there as long as Rick draws breath.

Grade: C-

– Dean Stell



  • Anonymous

    currently watching 3.10 and i am so sorry to be 90% agreeing with you..

    • dfstell

      Oh….3.10 was better. I at least ended up enjoying it and looking forward to next week. 3.9 was just shit.

  • sVox

    You nailed the Woodbury scene. It had all the impact and sincerity of a 30 second radio commercial:

    “I’ll never buy a new car/Have you ever bought a new car from Stanley’s?/No./You should./OK, let’s go!”

    The acting was terrible, the message was dumb and even the set felt like a SET (which is something most episodes of TWD have managed to avoid…)

    The show is in dire need of the kind of housecleaning that marked the comic book series. It could even carve out it’s own ground if Rick was included in the culling.

    #107 was a similar letdown, and I guess this is what happens when you leave a story open ended. I feel like the books are meandering aimlessly and trying to flesh out something/anything to find solid ground.

    • dfstell

      I just don’t have a lot of hope for the TV show anymore. I guess they’re getting ANOTHER new showrunner, but there’s never been any consistency to the product. The only good episodes this season have been those where they cleared the prison….but then they went right back to these poorly done interpersonal dramas.

  • katmore9

    Man… A “c-“! I forgot how tough you review this show.

    Okay, I definitely agree with you on points 2 and 3. In 5, I hope you were being funny when you said, “The question is why the group doesn’t just toss Rick over the fence?” No one’s tossing Rick over the fence (just like no one makes Baby sit in the corner. lol) Seriously, Rick’s WAY too valuable to this group to even consider that as a viable option.

    That said, Rick IS definitely losing it. Heck, I got creeped out by the way he was holding the baby. I liked the hallucination actually. Even though it’s not in the books, it’s a welcome addition. Rick’s under a lot of stress, and while the books had the phone, this series is showing his growing madness in a different way.

    On a final note, I’m glad you brought up the scene with Glenn and Herschel. I’m starting to see Herschel as my favorite character. Carol too. And I really like Sasha so far. I’m just worried that none of them will survive past this season.

    • dfstell

      Hey…..glad to have you back as a commenter! You never know if folks will return after a hiatus!

      It’s really hard to assign letter grades to TV shows because I don’t have as much reference. With comics, I read a lot and write a lot of reviews, so I have a decent idea of what a “B” means to me. But, with TV its much harder just because I don’t watch as much and I don’t review anything else. I just kinda assume that this episode was slightly worse than the mythical “average” TV show. But….that being said, the only other TV I’ve consumed in the last week is The Americans (which is AWESOME!!!!), Girls (which is really, really good), Spartacus (which is quite strong) and some old episodes of The Wire and Dr. Who. I really should watch some average network drama for comparison. 🙂

      I just really don’t like Rick at all. The funny thing is that I’m rereading the comics and don’t like his character there either. Oddly, I KNEW that I was growing to dislike him in the current comics (#107 out this week), but my reread showed me that I didn’t really like him even back in the 30s. He’s just kinda a dick.

      Now….that being said…..the comics at least showed us examples of Rick “making the hard decisions”. We haven’t gotten a lot of that in the TV program. They’ve just told us that “Rick is the leader”. I think the problem is that’s a harder sell on TV because the actor has to pull it off and I think Andrew Lincoln fails. If *I* were in Rick’s group, I’d pick his scrawny butt up and toss him outside.

      Let’s see how the show handles his breakdown. There’s a chance to do something cool with it, but I’m not optimistic. Let’s have the group discuss how Rick is dangerous in his current state and how Rick wouldn’t tolerate a dangerous member of the group…… Let’s see if they can use Tyrese as a counter-weight to Rick’s mediocre ideas.

      But, I so agree with you about some of these minor characters. That’s part of why I’d like to get rid of Rick. Just give this show a fresh start with all these B-characters, stop being bound by the comic books and just tell whatever story works. It’ll never happen though….

      • katmore9

        I’m just curious about something: since you’ve mentioned the numerous flaws with several episodes, is there anything specific you’d like to see from the books that hasn’t been done yet?
        I only ask because your last point acknowledges that this show is bound to the books (more or less).

        Also, what odds are you giving that the Walking Dead’s sibling pairs (i.e. Beth and Maggie, Daryl and Merle, Tyrese and Sasha) will survive into next season? I got very slim odds, especially for Sasha and Beth. I already like Sasha enough to have her replace Michonne (since that’s what this show does… you know what I mean. 😉 )

        • dfstell

          I think the cannibalism story would be a good one. Plus, that was basically a horror story with the whole “someone is watching us” theme. This show tends to handle horror fairly well, so that might give us a few good episodes.

          For the siblings…..I think Beth is deadmeat. But….I’ve thought she was dead for a long time and it hasn’t happened yet. I’d be surprised if they get rid of Merle or Daryl. If one had to go, it would probably be Merle just since Michael Rooker has so many other acting interests (even though this show doesn’t as much of him). Tyrese will be around for awhile and I don’t know about Sasha. I agree that I like her better than Michonne.

  • John McComas

    Dean if you can stomach it, rewatch the first 10 minutes watching/listening for no one but extras. If you do this, you will see and hear something quite…telling. The Woodbury extras are buffoons. They came off, to me, like what a director of a kid’s summer movie would be insisting the extras do in the background of kid fight scene…maybe pool/playground-side. It’s basically a bunch of “mumblemumbleWord” as well as some herky torso movement. Gah. What a letdown.
    I’ve also gotta say: boo to humanizing Woodbury, even in part–especially when the attempt is as feeble as it’s been. Part of the successful villainy of Woodbury in the floppies is their uniform awfulness. The show on the other hand, seems determined to flirt with the line between the us vs them dynamic so clearly present in the comic and an inane, oh-so-Hollywood us vs “us” but from a different perspective. It’s self-serving, timid nonsense.

    • dfstell

      John….you’re 100% right. I had that in my rough draft and cut it out. This whole episode was lousy and it was tough to know what to talk about. That whole scene was lame. You’re right….it looked exactly like a fight from elementary school where about 10 people gather around the kids fighting. They at least needed more extras in that scene.

      I’d bet they’re doing all this humanizing because it’s cheap. They already have the actors, so those scenes are easier to film and don’t involve makeup.