By: Frank Cho (Writer/Artist), Jason Keith (Colorist)

The Story: Wolverine and Shanna deals with the dinosaurs attacking them, while Amadeus Cho arrive on the island and tries to understand just what is happening here.

The Review: Now this is more like it and, quite frankly, an improvement in close to every way from the opening issue of this series. Close to every problem I had with the first issue are either resolved, pushed aside or are just gone, creating something that is a little bit more up to the artistic talent of Frank Cho.

The first thing that had bugged me in the first issue was the over-reliance of self-narration that had been absolutely redundant considering what they said and how they were presented. The problem I had was that most of what Wolverine said could be very simply deduced by the art itself, making his speech completely useless in some ways. Here though, instead of describing just what he sees, Wolverine tells us how he feels and how he reacts to what is surrounding, creating a much better representation of who Wolverine is as a character instead of becoming something akin to a ‘’Captain Obvious’’. It is not completely out of the way, as there are still some narrations that are fairly useless, but it still much better than in the first issue.

Another thing that is much better would be the tone, as the first one was fairly serious and mysterious, but here, Cho adds something that elevates this comic to another quality level: humor. The dialogue and scenes with Wolverine and Shanna are a testament to this, creating some tension between the ever-prepared and ready to fight Wolverine and the laid-back woman that is Shanna. A new character is also introduced here, one that brings much humor among other things: Amadeus Cho. His crazy-prepared and genius brings much hilarity in this kind of brutal and savage setting, creating quite a contrast with the local wildlife with his technology and his calm demeanor.

Another thing that is brought to this issue, thanks again to Amadeus Cho, would be more of a purpose and a direction. While it is good to see Shanna and Wolverine bicker while fighting dinosaurs, it does not bring us closer or even near the mystery of the isle and why they are here. Thankfully, Amadeus Cho has a more active stance on the whole matter than the more reactive duo that is the other stars of the book. His trials to understand what is happening and to converse with the natives are actually moving the plot forward a bit more, with more answers or teases coming our way with his actions. This is a much better book now that he is on the island.

Still, what also makes this book quite good would be Frank Cho’s art, who, frankly, is quite superb here. His lush environment, his dinosaurs, his natives all look fantastic and naturally savages, yet it is the action and the facial expressions that are truly the stars in the art department. He truly knows how to give various emotions to his characters, as seen with the natives, Wolverine and Shanna all along the book. The fights are also great, whether they are the one-sided bouts with Amadeus Cho or the dinosaur fighting ones with Wolverine and the She-Devil, with clean and expressive poses given to every character. In all of this, Frank Cho is greatly helped by Jason Keith and his precise color work. Thanks to Keith, the light effects and the jungle area looks very clean and nice, giving this book another edge, adding to the talented Frank Cho in meaningful ways.

The Conclusion: This issue is a vast improvement over the first one, thanks to the humorous dialogue and relation between Shanna and Wolverine and the addition of Amadeus Cho to the mix. It is a book that is both gorgeous and entertaining.

Grade: B

Hugo Robberts Larivière