Dean’s Top Picks

SEX #1

Best of the past week: Witch Doctor: Malpractice #4 – This title has it all: a clever paranormal story, humor and awesome art.  If Brian K. Vaughn or Robert Kirkman was writing this, it would be selling a ton and getting a lot of buzz.  An honorable mention should go to The Unwritten #46, which has a spectacular story , but art that is too pedestrian to nab top honors.

Most anticipated this week: 1). Sex #1 – It’s written by Joe Casey and it’s called “Sex”.  It’s bound to be off-color and provocative.  Even if it isn’t great, it’s bound to be interesting.

2). Age of Ultron #1 – I’m surprised how much I’m looking forward to this given that (a) the pre-release reviews have been very pedestrian and (b) I’m somewhat checked out on the Marvel Universe.  I’m not a Marvel superfan anymore.  So, the question is whether I’ll be confused because I’m not reading everything OR will I enjoy the event more because I won’t worry about how events in Age of Ultron contradict what happened in some 3rd-tier title several months ago.

3). Lost Vegas #1 – Hmmm…. a new Image series about a Las Vegas-like place in space.  Sounds interesting and it’s written by Jim McCann who is usually solid.

4). Fashion Beast #7 – This series is difficult to pin down.  I’m not sure I “love” it, but it has Alan Moore fingerprints all over it, the art is attractive and last issue really turned the story on it’s ear.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.  At the very least, you have to respect the storytelling craft in Fashion Beast.

5). All New X-Men #8 – This series – which is amazing up to issue #8 already – has been a highlight of the Marvel NOW line-up.  Bendis has a pretty good handle on these characters and they’re pairing him with good artists.  For some reason, this reminds me a LOT more of the X-Men comics of my youth than almost anything else in the X-verse over the last few years.


Hugo’s Top Picks


Pick of the week: Batman Incorporated #8 – I have followed the Batman story Grant Morrison has now written for years, loving close to every far-fetched concepts and character works he has done with the franchise. Now that several payoffs are being shown since we are close to the conclusion, I could not say how much this issue was worth reading. True, it talks about a child character being killed, but it is so well done and has an actual impact on the whole story. I could not, in good, conscience, not pick this as my pick of the week.

Most anticipated this week: 1) Hellboy in Hell #4 – The Shakespearian tone, the absolutely amazing art, the scope, the character, everything screams for me to read this comic. This is Mike Mignola at the top of his game and I’d be a fool not to read the continuing adventures of a character that has brought me nothing but joy.

2) Winter Soldier #16 – Last issue was truly great, as it showed us that Jason Latour and Nic Klein does have a plan for Bucky in the larger Marvel universe. If they can keep the same level of quality from the previous issue, this could give us some truly great comic.

3) A+X #5 – There’s a Kathryn Immonen story about Doop and Iron Fist in there. That plus a Kieron Gillen story featuring Mr. Sinister and Kid Loki. Awesome characters and awesome creators mixed together, this is what I’m talking about.

4) Transformers: More Than Meets The Eyes #14 – This is supposed to be the culminating point of the previous 13 issues, where everything comes to a head. With the return of Alex Milne as the regular artist, I am eager to see just where all of this was leading to.

5) Avengers #7 – The white event, the big cataclysmic event that granted superpower in Marvel New Universe line, a sadly defunct line of comics that had been resurrected by Warren Ellis for a short time years ago. Considering that Jonathan Hickman is picking this up for his long game on the Avengers franchise, I am curious to see where this will lead.