Dean’s Top Picks


Best of the past week: Fashion Beast #7 – I actually had a pretty heavy week of comics and none of them approached the complex storytelling of Fashion Beast #7.    It is often said that, “Alan Moore is the greatest writer of comics ever” but comics like Fashion Beast really drive home the truth of that statement.  I mean, this is a failed screenplay that he wrote almost 30 years ago and even this discard is noticeably better than most other comics.  If you aren’t on-board yet, make sure to not miss the collected edition whenever that comes out.

Most anticipated this week: 1). The Walking Dead #108 – I was on one of my favorite comic forums recently, arguing with people who were “done” with TWD.  They mostly didn’t like the brutality of issue #100 and felt that Negan “is just The Governor 2.0”.  I think that really, really misses the point.  If you look at this current story in TWD, it is just an allegory for the growth of centralized governmental systems and the morality thereof.  Negan is so much better than The Governor.  I mean, The Governor was just a violent thief.  Negan is a smooth talking politician with a violent steak.  He wants to tax the populace.  If Negan gets what he wants, he’ll provide some basic services of dubious value that you didn’t ask for.  If he doesn’t get his taxes, he’ll start smashing heads with a baseball bat.

2). Batman #18 – We’re done with “Death of the Family” now and it looks like it’s time for a guest artist.  Andy Kubert is no Greg Capullo so this will be an interesting time to consider how much we enjoy Scott Snyder and how much we love the regular creative TEAM on Batman.  I generally don’t like these issues where characters deal with the “fallout” of the last story, but Snyder is too talented of a writer do the expected.

3). Star Wars #3 – This series hasn’t been “great” so far, but it’s just so damn nice to read a story about the Star Wars characters that I actually know and enjoy.  All that Old Republic stuff is boring.  I want to read about Luke, Han and Leia and this book is scratching that itch.

4). The Manhattan Projects #10 – This series is always a good read and it’s gotten more interesting since the team of super-scientists fought back against the AI-version of FDR.  I guarantee that the story will be clever, literate and irreverent.

5). Wolverine #1 – Alan Davis drawing Wolverine?  Sure….I’ll buy that.  Plus, Paul Cornell is a very talented writer.  This should be good and I have more room in my life for a solo Wolverine series since I dropped most of my other Marvel titles and don’t have to hurt my brain thinking about how Wolverine can do all this stuff at one time.


Hugo’s Top Picks


Pick of the week: Hellboy in Hell #4 – This series as a whole has been satisfying on many levels, but the finale of the first part was really something to behold. Explanations, potential, gorgeous art and some neat connection to the whole tapestry and mythology Mignola has created throughout the years made this issue the book of the week for me.

Most anticipated this week: 1) Thor: God of Thunder #6 – This issue is supposed to explain the origin of Gorr, the god butcher. Considering this character has only grown in scope during the initial arc, I am curious to see what Jason Aaron will do with him and how he will explain most about this character here. While this issue is not drawn by Esad Ribic, the very competent Butch Guice can surely do a great job as well.

2) Threshold #3 – This issue is the big official intro of Captain K’rot, the gritty and supposedly humorous reimagining of an old beloved and silly character. This and the fact that it is Keith Giffen doing science-fiction just like in the Annihilation day’s makes me want to read it.

3) Sledgehammer 44 #1 – Mike Mignola does a super hero in armor, like Iron Man, set in his own universe during the Second World War. With the art of Jason Latour, that’s pretty much the only thing I need to know to want to pick this up.

4) Secret Avengers #2 – The first issue of Nick Spencer’s take on this concept was pretty strong in a lot of ways, showing us the dirty side of espionage and S.H.I.E.L.D while adding a bit of side humor to this take. It is also the first issue featuring Taskmaster, a character I pretty much love, although I sincerely hope he will take after Fred Van Lente version of the character as a basis.

5) Star Wars #3 – This is a very good take on Star Wars so far, with Brian Wood paying homage to the original movie, while adding some stuff of his own. With this issue being a bit more about Han Solo, I am eager to see just how well he can write one of the most lovable rogues in the history of cinema.