By: Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan (Writers), Tony Moore (Artist), Val Staples (Colorist)

The Story: Deadpool needs to bring the fight to the last presidents remaining to save America, but also to avenge agent Preston.

The Review: Color me impressed. If there was one title I was planning initially to completely skip in the Marvel Now! initiative, it was Deadpool.* Sure, there was Tony Moore on art, but there also was two unknown author bringing some kind of zombie president story that did not interest me in the slightest. Six issues later, I’d be hard pressed not to say how much I enjoy it. To me, this is one of the best take on Deadpool since a long time, for many reasons.

The first one is very simple: they treat him like a character. Handling the finale of the latest issue with panache, we can see that Deadpool is actually sad and angry about Preston’s death, the one agent of S.H.I.E.L.D who believed that he could do the job. Here, most of the action is motivated by his desire to honor what happened to her. Sure, it does not mean he stops the unending barrage of jokes, but there is a certain dramatic tension present here that is pleasant to read. There is more purpose here than money, both for the plot and the character, which gives us more of the Deadpool I grew up to love, the Kelly/Remender/Priest version that just wanted to belong, to be appreciated.

Another reason that makes this so much enjoyable would be the pacing and the action. Duggan and Posehn never let go for one second, making full use of close to every panel, filling them with jokes, cool action or plot development as Deadpool goes from each president with murderous intents. It never stops, which create a very enjoyable read for action enthusiasts as both writers continues to find new ways to present us fights in hilarious or downright imaginative ways. Flying bathtubs, magic, buses, dismemberment, punching, mech suits, everything goes to create a wild and hilarious ride.

As enjoyable the action is, it seems that Duggan and Posehn do have a plan for a more long term story here, with multiple tease and hints being inserted here that promise some more development for the merc with a mouth. It seems that they are already implementing enemies, a supporting cast and some subplots, which is nice, considering the fact that this book began in a mostly satirical way, but soon became a bit more serious with this issue and the previous one. I am eager to see just where they will go with Deadpool, considering how great their take on him is so far.

Another person that has a great handle on Deadpool and all the craziness that ensues with him is Tony Moore, who more than do an adequate job here. His zombies are great, his Deadpool is splendid, his mech-suits are genuinely cool, the action is gorgeous and the facial expressions of each character are vivid and detailed. There is a splash page in the beginning of the book that shows just how talented the guy is where we see in how much chaos Washington is that is really worth it, showing just what kind of shenanigans Moore can do. In his endeavor, he is joined by Val Staples who is equally killing it with the rich and equally chaotic colors of his. They are vivid, well done and very clean, adding to the whole ‘’Wow’’ factor of Tony Moore’s art. I can already say I am sad to know that he will no longer be the regular artist on the book.

The Conclusion: With the conclusion of the zombie president’s arc, Duggan and Posehn have shown us mastery in jokes, action and on how to write Deadpool, showing him as a badass, hilarious yet human character. They are greatly helped by Tony Moore here who gives us some of the zaniest art he ever did (on par with that Frankenstein Punisher story), giving us one of the best take on the regenerate degenerate so far.

Grade: B+

Hugo Robberts Larivière

*If you want to know which other title I was unsure of in the beginnings of Marvel Now!, it was All-New X-Men. Clearly, I must re-evaluate my standards.