By: Frank Cho (Writer/Artist), Jason Keith (Colorist)

The Story: Amadeus Cho gets some back story for the isle while Wolverine and Shanna battle some tribesmen.

The Review: There are some times when you wonder just why the titular character is even there when the supporting cast is more interesting. Sometimes, it seem that the more interesting parts of some series or issues are seen through the secondary characters, making those characters seems much more important than they are or at least their appearance become much more anticipated between issues. Sometimes, it is involuntary and other times it is by design, but it always results in the main character being pushed aside in many ways.

This series, with only two issues, has seen this character appears to steal the spotlight. I am, of course, speaking about Amadeus Cho, the genius character first seen in another version of Amazing Fantasy. The cool-headed, always and control, genius character is the only one that seems to be advancing the book and providing us answers as to where the cast is and what exactly is the place. So far, it seems the pattern is that Amadeus gives us some back story and some exposition, while Wolverine and Shanna brings us the action part, with the two seemingly never merging. Sure, by the end of the issue, it seems that the two plots shall become one, but the Amadeus Cho bits are so much more interesting to read. Celestials, sentient dinosaurs, tribesmen, super science, history and a whole load of other stuff is what we can see with that character, which makes for a far better read than unending dinosaur action.

Not that the action is bad, mind you, but it does become a little bit repetitive after a while to see Wolverine being a big bad warrior, only for Shanna to play the eccentric and sometimes goofier character. It has happened close to three times in three issues now and the routine has become a little bit stale. Sure, Frank Cho does spice things up by adding some humor and some jokes here and there, but their scenes are becoming a pattern by now. The action is still nice, with some good and bloody conflict brought to the duo who are fighting a bunch of tribesmen this time, giving us some more reason why the title is named Savage Wolverine in the first place.

Of course, one of the main draw of this title, even with the story and the cast, comes down to Frank Cho and his amazing art. While he does tend to go toward some clichés and does a little bit too much of certain things (Fan-Service), he still does manages to bring a good deal of energy and professionalism to the whole deal. His panelling, his expressions, his characters, the action, everything looks positively nice and clean here. The tribesmen are splendid as they are shown in the big action spread close to the middle of the book, where we see Shanna and Wolverine fight them in a bloody way. The man has a sense of pacing in his art, never giving us too much or not enough of a particular scene. While he does seem to have a rather minimalistic approach to backgrounds, it manages to work in this issue as it gives a much bigger focus on the much more impressive stuff. I would never complain about a Celestial fighting some alien-like creature being given more importance over the background. As nice as the art is, it would not look nearly as nice without Jason Keith bringing his color work here. What Keith does here is subtle, but he gives a much grander focus on Frank Cho as he cooperate with the artist, never bringing out colors that are too psychedelic or that contrasts with the whole book.

The Conclusion: While we see some repetition over in the Wolverine/Shanna scenes, Frank Cho manages to deliver a solid issue thanks to his gorgeous art and the Amadeus Cho scenes.

Grade: B

Hugo Robberts Larivière