Dean’s Top Picks

CHEW #33

Best of the past week: Saga #12 – This probably wasn’t the best issue of Saga, but it shows what a strong series Saga is that a relatively weak effort is still pick of the week.  I really enjoy the character of Prince Robot IV just because he seems so different than everyone else.  I want to know more about him and his people, why he has a TV for a head and why his subconscious thinks of wagon wheels when he is wounded on the battlefield.  Brian K. Vaughn probably writes smoother dialog than anyone else in the industry right now and Fiona Staples is just wicked with her artwork.

Most anticipated this week: My goodness, it’s like the comic publishers got together and said, “Let’s not publish anything that Dean wants to read this week.”  It’s a good thing we don’t do a Top 6 because I’ve only got five comics coming out this week….

1). Chew #33 – I always love the cutting, black humor of Chew.  This comic is always willing to push the jokes just slightly into the area of poor taste and I love it for that.  I also love the dedication to putting sight gags into 50% of the panels in the issue.  You see lots of artists doing sight gags in issue #1, but not so many still going strong this far into the series.

2). Mara #4 – This series isn’t as great as I’d hoped, but as always, Brian Wood has something deeper to say than “Biff, Bang, Pow!”  I really enjoy the contrast between how offended the public is with Mara and her superhuman athletic performances and how rah-rah they probably will be when those same abilities are used by the military.  I guess in sport you want fairness, but in war you want domination?

3). The Sixth Gun #30 – This series feels like it is heading for a crescendo.  Everything about the action indicates that cute little Becky is getting very comfortable with The Sixth Gun and that won’t bode well for the bad guys (or anyone else for that matter).  Last issue was aces.

4). Age of Ultron #6 – Art change!  The story has been pretty enjoyable despite the really mediocre art of Bryan Hitch.  Remember, this guy used to be THE hot artist.  What the hell happened?  Anyway, the story is hopping along.  I really appreciate the weekly release schedule because this would feel WAY too decompressed if it was spread over an entire year.

5). Wolverine and the X-Men #27 – This wouldn’t make the Top 5 most weeks, but since I only have 5 comics coming out this week…  I guess some of the novelty has worn off of Jason Aaron’s run on this title.  I still greatly enjoy it, but it just doesn’t feel like THE X-Men title anymore.  Still, you can do a lot worse than reading a Jason Aaron comic, especially when he is paired with the types of artists who have been on this book.


Hugo’s Top Picks


Pick of the week: Thor: God of Thunder #7 – This was a strong week in many aspects, with titles such as Saga getting a new issue, yet to me, Jason Aaron’s take on the god of thunder proved to be a better book this time. With an epic scope, some good character work and art to die for, issue 7 was just absolutely great and is my pick of this week.

Most anticipated this week: 1) Daredevil: End of Days #7 – This series is approaching its climax, as Bendis and Mack proved that they have a definitely great take on the character and his whole mythology. The series has been fantastic so far and with all the wild cards and the mysteries thrown in, I get the feeling this one is going to be just as great as the latest ones.

2) Captain America #6 – This weird sci-fi take on the sentinel of liberty’s adventure proved to be very imaginative so far and it makes me eager to see where Rick Remender is going with this. If John Romita Jr. could manage to bring back the quality artwork he proved he could do in the first issues of this series, this could very well be a strong contender this week as a memorable book.

3) X-O Manowar #12 – This title introduced me to Valiant and it has been my very favourite so far, providing cosmic and utterly good stories thanks to a promise that’s a bit silly, yet is all kind of awesome. With Planet Death going on, there is no way to know just what kind of things will happen to Aric, yet I really want to find out.

4) X-Men Legacy #9 – This definitely weird title is quite different from the other X-titles, which is what makes it so good. The adventures of David Charles Haller are surprisingly creative and well-written, as both the question of actual legacy, infinite power and the fate of mutant kind is discussed and shown in this terrific title. Simon Spurrier made me care about Legion, which is the highest of praise I can give to someone who made me love a character I despised before.

5) Superior Spider-Man #8 – The way the latest issue ended proved to be too good a cliff-hanger. If Dan Slott can actually manage to pull something like this off and surprise us even further, he’ll have proved that he knows very well how to play with our expectations yet again, something he has shown ever since the debut of this series. With Ramos on art, this is something worth being eager about.