Dean’s Top Picks


Best of the past week: Chew #33 – Amazing how much effort goes into the sight gags in this comic.  I loved this issue and appreciate how unflinching the creators are in approaching the boundaries of good taste, but never veering over the edge.  The “story” in Chew almost doesn’t matter.  It’s just about the perfect comic book.

Most anticipated this week: Wow–last week I only had five comics, this week I have SIXTEEN.  If anyone ever wonders about what randomness is, they should check out a comic book release schedule.  My pull list probably has an average of 9 with a standard deviation of 3.

1). East of West #2 – The first issue was “light your socks on fire awesome” and the pick of the week.  I expect no less this week from Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta.  The art is glorious and the story is a weird combination of alternate history, westerns and the Four Horseman.

2). Jupiter’s Legacy #1 – Mark Millar gets to play with all the cool artists.  Even though it seems trendy to bash on Millar, his books sell really well and sometimes get made into movies.  Basically, it’s a nice way for an artist to get PAID more than a page rate.  I generally enjoy Millar’s work, especially how he is willing to push the envelope in pursuit of an attention-grabbing moment; nothing great every came of playing it safe.  So, seeing him do a take on what becomes of the children of superheroes should be interesting.  Plus….it’s illustrated by superstar artist Frank Quietly.  Should be awesome…

3). The Unwritten #46 – It’s a shame that more people aren’t talking about this series anymore.  You can almost see why Vertigo is getting out of the 60-issue series business.  Still, this series is more thought-provoking than any other ongoing series without Alan Moore’s name attached to it (i.e. Fashion Beast).  Last issue saw Tommy Taylor get a surprise in his efforts to rescue Lizzie from Hades and I can’t wait to see what twists and turns this issue holds.

4). Morning Glories #26 – This confounding series kicks off Season Two with this issue.  Even though the finale of “Season One” didn’t answer many questions, I really appreciate the dedication to long-form storytelling that Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma are showing.  I wonder if Season Two will have a unique direction or a different feel about it?

5). Rachel Rising #16 – This series is churning through it’s middle section at an admirable pace.  The heroes and villains are on the board now and the stakes are becoming clear.  Now I’m ready to see Terry Moore begin to transition this series toward a climax.  Of course, while I’m waiting, there’s the pure joy of seeing Mr. Moore drawing women.  He’s among the best in the business.


Hugo’s Top Picks


Pick of the week: Daredevil: End of Days #7 – This wasn’t the biggest of weeks for me, but I do have to say that the strongest title had to be the story of Ben Urich and his investigation of the Mapone mystery in Bendis take on the future of Daredevil’s corner of the Marvel universe. It had everything: great art, good character moments, revelations, plot twist, action and it succeeded in making me very interested in just how all of this will wrap up.

Most anticipated this week: 1) East of West #2 – What can I say about this title that hasn’t been said in the excellent review featured on this site? Big ideas, big scope, huge world, amazing potential? All there and even more with Nick Dragotta’s fantastic art and designs. If this issue is as good as the first one, I do believe we’re in for a wild ride.

2) New Avengers #5 – Another Hickman book, this time featuring our favourite secret ruler group with impossible choices to make. The visit to another Earth was a very intriguing concept and I really want to know how this secretive group will solve the situation they are in. Combine that with the dark, yet utterly expressive work of Steve Epting and we may have another winner in an already strong title.

3) Jupiter’s Legacy #1 – I am not the biggest fan of Mark Millar. I do admit that he can be really great, but at times he strikes me as a somewhat childish author that tries to makes his work ‘’mature’’ and as violent as possible because he can. Why do I even bother with this title then? Frank Quitely. Ever since I saw his impossibly beautiful work in books like We3, Flex Mentallo and All-Star Superman, I’ve become a fan and I am looking forward to this mostly because of the art.

4) Batman Incorporated #10 – The finale to Grant Morrison bat epic is close at hand and he only has a handful of issues to bring the whole story to a satisfying conclusion. With all the pieces moving into place and Batman desiring to avenge Damian’s demise, we may get something really good out of this. With Burnham on the art, it will surely look good, that’s for sure.

5) Transformers: More Than Meets The Eyes #16 – With the way everything went down in last issue, how could I not be eager to read this? With James Roberts and his big addition and ideas to the lore of those transforming robots and the excellent, yet very busy art of Alex Milne, this title is certainly something I am always looking forward each and every month.