Dean’s Top Picks


Best of the past week: All New X-Men #11 – I didn’t think this was a great comic, but to win pick of the week sometimes you don’t have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun your buddies.  Last week just wasn’t a stellar week for comics.  Still, it’s nice to give some love to All New X-Men which has been as good as any Big 2 superhero series that isn’t Batman.  Stuart Immonen’s art is fantastic!  He just keeps getting better and better.

Most anticipated this week: 1). The Walking Dead #110 – After a few calm issues (including last issue), I’m sure Robert Kirkman is about to turn up the heat again.  The action probably won’t explode in this issue, but we’ll probably start to glimpse the rough outline of the iceberg that our protagonists are headed towards.

2). Chin Music #1 – The idea of a hard boiled gangster dude being hunted by demons isn’t exactly the type of story I love, but have you seen the preview art from Tony Harris?  Holy hell!  It looks like it’ll be a lovely comic to stare at.

3). Batman #20 Last issue of Batman was probably the first issue of the series that I haven’t really loved.  It just felt like a random Clayface story and that was kinda a downer after so many epic issue (or as close to epic as you can get with a ~70 year old character).  Now that my expectations are properly calibrated, I’ll bet I enjoy this issue a lot more.

4). Uber #1 – I really liked the zero issue because the emphasis was unique.  Uber does explore the non-novel concept of the Nazis developing superbeings during World War II, but the comic is much more interested in being a war story than any kind of “deconstruction of the superhero mythos.”

5). Creepy #12 – Always room for black-and-white horror anthologies on my list.  Creepy hasn’t had an issue that was aces in a while, but it’s always very solid because the creative talent is top notch.


Hugo’s Top Picks


Pick of the week: Dial H #12 – How can I not love this book? It’s got everything I’m looking for in a comic, with great characters, heroism, a sense of mystery and playfulness, amazing concepts and much more. Nelson and Roxie have really grown as characters and if the rumors about this series imminent cancellation are true. I’d be sorely disappointed. I want to know more about Open-Window Man and the fact that I just typed that sentence means a lot about the comic in general and its quality.

Most anticipated this week: 1) Thor: God of Thunder #8 – Was there any other possible choice for this spot? With Esad Ribic and Jason Aaron at the helm of this grand tale of heroism, divinity on a cosmic scale, I cannot stress enough the quality of this title. If this issue is as good as the rest, we’re in for quite a ride.

2) Suicide Squad #20 – I love this concept: Villains working as a team for the government to get out of prison. Having read John Ostrander’s initial run of this concept, I’d be glad to see Ales Kot get close to the brilliance of that author, as this title sorely need a shot in the arm. With Patrick Zircher on art, it will surely look good, but I really want a quality title that brings back the old days of this amazing concept.

3) Uncanny Avengers #8 – While it had a rocky start, this title really began getting good at issue #5. Now that Rick Remender has his entire cast, a regular artist and a direction for the title, I have to say I love it. With storylines that continues the excellent one from Uncanny X-Force, I am curious to see where it will all lead.

4) Justice League of America #3 – I want a quality title with characters like Martian Manhunter, Hawkman and the like. While I’m still not sure if this title will reach the height that Geoff Johns had reached with previous titles, I really want to see if he can achieve just that with a bunch of characters in sore need of a good spotlight.

5) Chin Music #1 – Tony Harris is a wonderful artist. Just for his art, I’d buy the book, but the concept in itself actually sounds quite neat too. Crime, mixed with magic and demons in the prohibition era. It would be really nice to see such a thing see some success and I am eager to see if the potential is there.



  • New Suicide Squad is a big improvement over the recent run, which was utter crap after a decent first few issues. You guys going to do coverage?

    • Minhquan Nguyen

      As it so happens, I just decided to pick up the title again this week, so you should see that review come Monday or Tuesday.