By: Jason Aaron (Writer), Esad Ribic (Artist), Ive Svorcina (Colorist)

The Story: Present and Future Thor sails the cosmos in order to bring the battle to Gorr as the young Thor from the past learn how the slaves of Gorr fare and what are his plans.

The Review: Praise to the bearded writer of greatness for his adventures of the god of thunder, even though he seems to be unable to even come close to this level on his other titles, be it the tale of the Mad Titan or the stories of young mutants in school. May Jason Aaron find in his own mind the way to make this title consistent and he shall have a follower to buy this sublime book of the mighty shelves of his local comic book shop.


So yeah, another pretty great issue of Thor: God of Thunder has been released, featuring the continuing tale of the gods of thunder from three ears converging to fight the god butcher. In this issue, we see two plotlines as we see just how young Thor fares as he has been captured by Gorr and put into slavery. Right there, we get to see his impetuous and arrogant side as he tries to rebel against his captor, never minding for once what it might entail for the others. As we see three new female characters (whose identity I shall not spoil) go toward him as they try to calm him down. In a way to teach him humility and the error of his current ways, the three females shows just what happens when a divine being rebels, as it leads to a pretty powerful scene showing just how far along in his plans Gorr has gotten.

Most of the issue is focused on young Thor, actually, as we are also treated to his more heroic and brave side, as he seems to be eager to free the other gods and bring battle to Gorr. In a way, this is kind of like a study of what kind of god Thor was in his youth, as he is shown to be powerful, brash but good-meaning all the while. The scene where he tries to resist a second time to Gorr as he tries to destroy the bomb is particularly effective, as does the one where he talks to Gorr’s son, the one that had been teased in issue 6.

While the young Thor scenes are very good at advancing the plot, we are also treated to a few scenes with the present and future Thor as well, which range from funny to downright epic. The description Aaron gives us seems to be taken from an epic poem of warriors and actually god, as if he was weaving mythology itself from the very fabric of the Marvel universe. The page where we can see present Thor rowing the cosmic boat is full of absolutely fantastic text boxes that are filled to the rim with the fascinating prose he gives us. Here are some of the best selections, just to give people who haven’t read the issue a taste.

‘’Thor the Avenger held the great wheel steady and called forth the solar storms and all the interstellar winds he could muster to push the flying dragonship ever faster through the cosmic currents. Faster than the speed of light or all known laws of man. Faster than all but the boldest of gods had ever dared.’’

This is some epic stuff right there, in the truest sense of the term.

What manages to makes this even better, though, is Esad Ribic. Ever since the Loki mini- series by Rob Rodi, he has been one of the very best artists to represent the Norse mythology and the general atmosphere of godhood around Thor as a character. This rings even truer here, as he only enhances the very tone given by Jason Aaron description and dialogue as he manages to make everything look even bigger than life. His characters, his backgrounds, close to everything looks amazing, in which he is also helped by Ive Svorcina. As a colorist, he just works really well with the Ribic and Aaron, it’s uncanny. His lighting, his degradation, the shine effect on some of the weapons and armors, the more alien stuff, it all looks good thanks to him.

The Conclusion: Another particularly satisfying chapter in this grand saga of god butchers and divine beings. The team of Aaron, Ribic and Svorcina does it again as they crank up the scale and the ideas even further with this issue. Heavily recommended.

Grade: A-

Hugo Robberts Larivière