Dean’s Top Picks


Best of the past week: The Wake #1 – Some weeks it is like comics gives us a big “Easy Button” when it comes to making pick-of-the-week selections.  The combination of Scott Snyder, Sean Murphy and underwater science/horror is pretty hard to resist.  I need to know what the creature does and where it comes from and why it is in this state!  Engaging story and world-class art!

Most anticipated this week: 1). East of West #3 – When the first two issues have been pick-of-the-week, it’s pretty safe to say that the third issue will be highly anticipated.  The combination of apocalypse plus alt-history (alt-Civil War to be specific) and some wonderful art make this a can’t miss.

2). Fashion Beast #10 – Seeing how unread and uncovered this excellent series has been really makes me want to get on my indie-comic high horse, but readers of this site already know that I love it and think it has featured some of the most complex and deep storytelling going on right now.  This is the finale of the series and that means the collected edition of this Alan Moore series shouldn’t be too far behind.

3). Kick Ass 3 #1 – The Kick Ass story might be a little played out, but this miniseries is supposedly the final chapter and I’m curious to see what lengths/depths Mark Millar will go to just to get a rise out of the readership.  Did you ever think that we’d ever see John “Mr. Marvel” Romita, Jr. drawing so many depraved things?  Most of the things that happen in Kick Ass would be off-panel in a Spidey comic.

4). Rachel Rising #17 – This series is kinda going through a “middle-act lull” right now.  We’ve gotten the basic shape of the story and characters out of the way, but we really haven’t begun a march toward the climax–yet.  Even if we have another month of slowness, it’s still nice to look at Terry Moore’s artwork.  The guy draws women soooooooo wonderfully.

5). All-New X-Men #12 – When I was a kid, I was a huge X-Men fan.  My first issue off the spinner rack was Uncanny #162, so it was right in the heart of the classic Claremont era.  When I got back into comics as an adult, I immediately wanted to see what the X-Men were up to.  Unfortunately, this was during the mid-400’s of Uncanny and the comics pretty much sucked.  I mostly blamed the failure on the fact that there were “too many X-titles” and groused about that for years.  But, now, we’ve got about all those titles and most of them are really good.  I don’t know if they’re as good as the classic stuff: different comics for different eras.  But, I haven’t been sorry I paid money for All New X-Men yet.


Hugo’s Top Picks


Pick of the week: Transformers: More Than Meets The Eyes #17 – There were some good titles this week, but none that personally satisfied me as much as the continuing adventures of those changing robots. With their continuous adventures and the genuine development that they receive each month, I’m always surprised by how much I’m enjoying this title. If this first issue is any indicator, the title will continue its run of excellence as a new arc begins.

Most anticipated this week: 1) East of West #3 – This apocalyptic sci-fi western that seems to be going in an almost political tone filled with mystery is just too tantalizing for words. I have no idea where this series is going, yet the superb artwork of Nick Dragotta coupled with the various revelations given to us by Hickman in the last two issues have made me very eager to see each and every issue being released each month.

2) Daredevil: End of Days #8 – This is it. It’s the final issue where everything will be revealed as we see just what ‘’Mapone’’ means along with the other mysteries imagined in the future vision of Bendis for the Daredevil corner of the Marvel universe. With the pacing, the angle and the art always being top-notch, I am both curious and sad to see the end of this superb series.

3) Dial H #13 – While the news of this title’s cancellation was a hard pill to swallow, I will not abandon such a unique and creative title, especially since the concepts introduced are so captivating. How will Nelson react to the fact that there is a whole team with dials? How did they just find theirs? With a plot as compelling as this, I will stay onboard until the bitter end.

4) Winter Soldier #19 – Another final issue, this one starring one of the better reworked character from the past ten years. While I’m not sure if the story will be able to top the latest issue in its conclusion, I am confident in the fact that Nic Klein will be able to do what he does best: surprise me. His art has been the best part of this title and I do hope that he’ll do some of his best work here.

5) Green Lantern #21
– This is more curiosity than anything on my part, as I do not know if Robert Venditti will reach the same height that Geoff Johns once did with his tenure on the title. Still, with Billy Tan on art and a whole new direction with Hal Jordan and the corps, I do hope that I’ll be pleasantly surprised.



  • TRobb

    Is anybody here reading Hickman’s “Avengers.” I’m getting caught up in that book, and finding it to be quite good, to my surprise. A review of the latest issues would be welcome.

  • Best issue of Dial H since the “racial stereotype” issue.

    • I absolutely concur. This issue was so good, it was almost painful knowing it’s one of the last ones.