Dean’s Top Picks


Best of the past week: American Vampire: Long Road to Hell #1 – It was so welcome to have this comic/series back in my pile last week.  It’s easy to take a series for granted when it keeps coming out month-after-month.  When AV went on hiatus a few months ago, I actually noticed it’s absence.  This teaser issue was kinda a reminder that AV has a better story/writing/art combo than almost anything else on the market.  If you haven’t been reading AV, this issue is very new reader friendly and self-contained; it exposes the reader to some of the general themes of the series without getting too deep into the mythology.

Most anticipated this week: 1). 100 Bullets: Brother Lono #1 – Gosh–how could this not be first on the list.  100 Bullets is one of the great achievements in comics, ever.  And now we get the original creators coming back to do a miniseries about one of the coolest characters in the original series.  Can’t wait!

2). Transformers: Monstrosity #1 – It may not be tied to the two main on-going Transformers series (More than Meets the Eye or Robots in Disguise), but everything that IDW has done with the Transformers comics has been so aces that it’s worth giving this a chance.  Seriously, the IDW Transformers comics are better than they probably need to be since they could probably shovel out lesser fare and most of the fans would still buy it.

3). Extinction Parade #1 – Hey look!  It’s a new comic series written by Max Brooks (of World War Z fame) that includes zombies and vampires.  It’s done by Avatar so I doubt there will be any punches pulled in terms of gore.  The basic premise is that zombies are killing all the humans and the secretive race of vampires realize their food supply is being eaten.

4). X-Files Season 10 #1 – I was a huge X-Files fan, but lost so much interest in the TV series the last two seasons after Mulder left and the whole plot with the alien Colonists and the Syndicate was (kinda) wrapped up and the story shifted to all that Super Soldier crap.  But, maybe this series captures some of that old magic?

5). Age of Ultron #10 – It’s polybagged, so it has to be good, right?  Even though this “event” hasn’t been over-long and the art has been mediocre, I guess I’d like to see the payoff.


Hugo’s Top Picks


Pick of the week: Thor: God of Thunder #9 – Was there any other pick? Sure, there were some strong comics out this week, but close to none were as satisfying a read as this (Six-Gun Gorilla being the exception). With big cosmic battles and the wonderful art of Esad Ribic, it’s like they knew exactly which buttons to push in order for me to enjoy it.

Most anticipated this week: 1) Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #18 – I know that in the huge selection of big two books and independent works, it would seem like a sacrilege to pick a book about a series that only wanted to sell toys, but trust me on this one: it’s that good. With great and deep characters, amazing concepts thrown at the readers in close to every issue, with colorful and detailed art most of the time, this book is Transformers done right.

2) New Avengers #7 – This issue is supposedly a one-issue tale until the title reach Infinity, with Hickman putting a focus between the Wakanda/Atlantis war. Even though I thought this conflict wasn’t exactly brought in the best of ways, I do see the potential here as the clash between Black Panther and Namor will probably be most entertaining.

3) Uncanny Avengers #9 – While this series didn’t have the best of start, the addition of new cast members and the arrival of Kang the conqueror and the apocalypse twin really brought the quality up. With Remender taking plot points from his Uncanny X-Force run and Daniel Acuna on art, it should continue the rise in quality the previous issues has seen.

4) X-Men Legacy #12 – This has been a weird title, yet an incredibly interesting one to follow. David, as written by Simon Spurrier, is a fascinating lead as we get to see his vision on the whole mutant race and just why his father might have been in the wrong with his X-Men project. It has been fun to read and I believe this issue shall be no different.

5) Superior Spider-Man #12 – As this issue continues the prison plotline it has set up in the previous issue, I am curious to see how this situation will be resolved in the Spider-Ock way. I expect some good action, some arrogance and some fun from this issue and I do believe it can deliver.