Dean’s Top Picks


Best of the past week: Lazarus #1 – It was probably very close between this and The Wake #2, but Lazarus has that nifty NEW smell whereas The Wake is soooo old and last month’s news (haha…just kidding).  Seriously, what put Lazarus over the top is the use of a different flavor of dystopian future than we’re used to and an interesting use of a powered individual that makes me question whether my declining interest in Big 2 superhero comics is due solely to the silly spandex costumes?  Regardless, it was a nifty comic and had great art from Michael Lark (including one great fight scene where the action actually flows from panel-to-panel).  I’m sure we’ll see The Wake here again before it finishes it’s run.  Heck, The Wake is so good that it could sweep the remaining Pick of the Weeks.

Most anticipated this week: Very light pull list for me this week, so there are some comics listed that I kinda anticipate being crap.

1). Transformers: Robots in Disguise #19 – Nothing like the fervor of the newly converted, but since I started catching up on the two main Transformers titles (RoD and More than Meets the Eye) I’ve been amazed at how good they are.  Seriously, I’m enjoying these enough that I rewatched the Transformers movies and was also Prowling (hehehe) on Amazon to look at action figures.  They’re even reasonably new reader friendly.  Pick them up.  You won’t be sorry.

2). Avengers #15 – I enjoy Jonathan Hickman and am moderately curious to see what Infinity will be about.  So, that leaves me mildly curious to see what happens in this issue (since it it touted as an Infinity-related comic).

3). Satellite Sam #1 – This could be a huge miss for me, but I’ll check it out.  It’s supposedly about the murder of a 1950’s serial TV star and it’s a new series from Image.  That sounds promising, but it’s written by Matt Fraction (who is usually a big miss for me) and drawn by Howard Chaykin (who draws faces on the sides of people’s heads).  This is precisely why we have digital comics: So you don’t have to commit to having something on your pull list.

4). Dexter #1 – Awesome timing, huh?  The Dexter TV-program is in its eighth (and final) season, so Marvel decides to launch a comic book to cash in on the popularity.  I do like the TV program even when it has it’s flaws, so the comic is worth a look.  I wish IDW was producing this instead of Marvel.

5). GI Joe: Special Missions #4 – This title is the bedridden, weak sister of the GI Joe line-up.  This initial story arc has been very slow moving and a long-time veteran artist like Paul Gulacy should be kinda ashamed to have his name on this art.  Seriously dude….use a pseudonym if your art is going to be this haphazard.  This title is here to remind us that IDW is, in fact, mortal when comes to licensed property comics.  Even they can screw up.



  • TRobb

    Will “Superior Foes of Spider-Man” be reviewed this week? I’m very curious to read your take on it.

    • dfstell

      I’m not sure anyone was planning to review that one. It’s always a little odd around the holidays as people travel and whatnot. It’s not something that was on my personal pull-list for the week.

      • TRobb

        Ah, thanks for the response. I’m on the fence for picking it up, and the critical response I heard was wildly mixed, with some saying it was on par with Hawkeye and Daredevil, and others saying it was on par with Nick Spencer’s other Marvel work (meh, in other words). Hopefully somebody will pick up and review future issues.