Dean’s Picks

Best From The Past Week: The Wake #5 – Wow, this was really good.  I mean, really, really good.  To be honest, I’d forgotten about the “waterworld” we saw in issue #1 with the lady and her robo-dolphin sidekick.  This issue links the action from the last several issues with this future in a way that I totally didn’t expect.  It’s just great sci-fi fun….but then we would expect no less from Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy.  Make sure you’re reading this.

Most Anticipated:

1. Saga #16 – I simply must know if ________ is dead after the cliffhanger last issue.  There are a lot of good comics coming out this week – and Saga would have been in the running for #1 anyway – but that cliffhanger puts it over the top.  Of course, the typical Saga standbys of art, character and dialog will all be present as well.  It’s nice to have a comic that consistently delivers.

2. The Walking Dead #117 – Speaking of comics that (don’t) consistently deliver….  I almost expect this to be a slower issue just because we had some pretty hectic stuff last issue.  Maybe Kirkman will surprise us?  Wouldn’t it be awesome if Kirkman just floored it and each issue was something crazy and incredible?  He won’t do that, but regardless I’m totally addicted to the “what will happen next?” attraction of TWD.

3. Infinity #6 – I guess I need to make sure to read New Avengers #12 first, but the main attraction is in the titular event series.  Will Jonathan Hickman be able to stick the landing?  He is tantalizingly close.  The omnibus is in my Amazon shopping cart to pre-order, but I haven’t clicked “Confirm Purchase” yet.  There is still time for the final page to do something stupid like introduce Angela…

4. Black Science #1 – This is a new science fiction series from Rick Remenber and Matteo Scalera.  The art looks very enticing and the premise is that scientists figure out “black science” and use it to punch holes through reality, into other dimensions and stuff.  Lots of crazy looking monsters.  There is a slight suggestion of Lovecraft – which concerns me – but I’m still looking forward to the series.

5). X-Files: Season 10 #6 – This issue starts a new story arc that seems to be more “monster of the week” after the first story-arc was right in the TV series’ main mythology story.  The first arc felt 100% authentic and I’m curious if the series can continue the magic.

Hugo’s Pick

Best From The Past Week: The Wake #5 – I have to admit, I was beginning to get a little sick of Scott Snyder. He’s a great writer and I absolutely love his American Vampire, but I didn’t really like his overall superhero work in the New 52 (despite the huge amount of acclaim he receives for his Batman run). However, this issue was him showing that he could still completely deliver on action, concepts and expansive settings. With Sean Murphy being masterful as well, this issue was just plain great. More like this one, please.

Most anticipated this week:

1. Infinity #6 – This is it. The big finale. Where we can see if everything can come together and if Hickman can stick his landing with a conclusion that can either conclude some of the themes of his Avengers and New Avengers run or simply expand them. With Jim Cheung back for the artistic direction, I fully expect massive payoffs and actions. This is either gonna be great or disappointing and I cannot wait to find out which of these it will end up being.

2. Black Science #1 – I absolutely adore Fear Agent, one of Rick Remender’s latest creator-owned comic. With him now returning to crazy science-fiction with Matteo Scalera and Dean White, I am rather excited at the prospect of a new series with such a grand idea like a bunch of scientists willing to go where none as gone before to further their vision of science. This should be good.

3. Saga #16 – I always forget about this series in my most anticipated lists, but no more as this superb title will finally grace my selection. With the current way the series is divided with The Will, Prince Robot and the rest of the crazy family featuring Marko and Alana, the stories and characters end up being very interesting with each more issue. Brian K. Vaughan has a particularly fascinating way to insert relatable characters, crazy science-fiction, fantasy and adult themes in his story and this issue should be no different.

4. New Avengers #12 – The previous issue of this series was simply amazing. It had everything that could make the events of Infinity even bigger and it had great art to boot. With this issue supposedly serving as an epilogue to the event in question, I certainly hope that it can not only bring a great deal of new elements, but also play well with what was previously established. Considering the quality of this series, I have no doubt it can at least be interesting.

5. Uncanny Avengers #14 – Having read the previews to this issue, I am rather excited at the prospects offered here. I believe this could be the issue where this book makes the jump from ”occasionally good” to ”simply great”. With Steve McNiven being the artist and the story seemingly reaching a point where it could become grandiose, I have high hopes that Rick Remender can finally return to the greatness that had gathered him so many fans before.