Dean’s Picks

Best From The Past Week: Nothing – Comics basically took last week off by only publishing 4-5 comics.  Nothing enticed me.  So I spent the last week rereading 1986’s Inferno storyline in the X-Men, We3 from Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely and A Cultured Left Foot, a soccer book by Musa Okwonga.

Most Anticipated: Geez….it’s like comic companies don’t know that people are at home and semi-idle over the holidays.  We need something to READ people!!  This output isn’t good enough.

1. Rachel Rising #22 – Most weeks this wouldn’t be the top pick, but when the industry takes a break, all sorts of weird things can happen to these “Top 5” lists.  Before the last issue, the story in Rachel Rising had really been clicking into place big-time.  Let’s hope that last issue was just a hiccup and we move forward nicely this month.

2. The Manhattan Projects #17 – Interestingly, TMP is in a similar place story-wise to Rachel Rising: Starting to coalesce with defined stakes and character roles.  It looks like we may be settling into a story where not-Oppenheimer is the big-bad and I’m looking forward to seeing if/how our science heroes are able to take him down.

3. Sin Boldly – Who knows if the stories will be epic, but its by Joseph Michael Linsner who is certainly a devotee of the Good Girl Art movement.  Probably worth glance.


Hugo’s Pick

Best From The Past Week: The Saviors #1 – There wasn’t much in terms of release last week, but the title that did earn this spot was James Robinson and J. Bone’s newly created series: The Saviors. It was well-drawn, written aptly and there is some definite potential at work here. It might not be the best thing I read in 2013, but for this low-release week, it was rather good.

Most anticipated this week:

1. Superior Foes of Spider-Man #7 – More super-villain antics? Yes please! This is a series that’s growing on me, attaining dangerous levels of anticipation from me each time another issue gets released. I love the characters, I love the backstabbing, I love the art, it’s just great reading. Perhaps I’m getting way overboard right now, but this issue should be just as good as the others, or at least I hope so.

2. Manhattan Projects #17 – This title hasn’t been nearly as strong as of late, but it always manage to show the delightful wrongness of accomplished scientists doing what they want despite the consequences. It always manage to be interesting and entertaining, so anticipating this issue sounds correct to me.

3. New Avengers #13 – I am not the biggest fan of Simone Bianchi, but I do have to say I am very curious to see where Hickman will go after Infinity with this title. The problems are getting bigger, the characters still continue to sacrifice themselves and there’s supposed to be a new Illuminati in this issue. I am curious to see where it goes and cannot wait to read it.

4. Aquaman #26 – As a fan of Jeff Parker, I am curious to see where he’ll make the king of the seven seas go. Parker usually has a knack for characterization and crazy adventures that could work very well with Arthur Curry. Combine this with Paul Pelletier and this could be something rather fun to read. I suppose we’ll see…

5. Larfleeze #6 – I am anticipating this for different reasons than usual. This has been a rather uneven series, for better or worse, as some elements work and some definitely doesn’t. However, I am not one to read something that hasn’t at least more redeeming values than failures. This one is the final test. Based on this issue, I’ll see if it’s worthy of my dollar or if I should move on and stop reading it altogether.