Dean’s Picks

Best From The Past WeekThe Manhattan Projects #17 – This probably wouldn’t have won during a “normal” week, but it was good enough on a very light, holiday week.  It’s actually nice to recognize The Manhattan Projects because it has lost a little zip over the past year to the point where it will have trouble competing with the best comics for Pick of the Week-type honors.  Still, this issue should remind us that it is still a very strong series with many excellent attributes.  There’s certainly no reason to drop it and if you haven’t been reading The Manhattan Projects, you could waste time on a lot of dumber things than catching up!

Most Anticipated:

Yay!  We’re back to a semi-normal comic publication list after a few light weeks.

1. The Walking Dead #119 – Let’s hope that last issue was an aberration.  I’m actually hopeful that such is the case because this issue seems to be a return to a normal release cycle after the first 4-5 issues of this War storyline were bi-weekly.  Last issue it looked like the hectic scheduling was taking a toll on the quality of storytelling and the art.  Maybe someone tapped the brakes and decided it was better to do things well instead of doing things fast.

2. Manifest Destiny #3 – This wonderful new series isn’t getting enough attention.  We’ll change that this week as I’m going to start covering the series.  The story is an alternate-history of the Lewis and Clark expedition where they are still checking out the Louisiana Purchase, but with a secret mission to investigate the strange lifeforms that live on the frontier.  That’s right: There are some weird things going on out west. It’s fun, well-written and the art is outstanding.  The quality of comics coming from Robert Kirkman’s Skybound imprint have been really good.

3. Sheltered #6 – This is a sneaky good story. Last issue showed some possible adult supervision arriving at the camp and it’ll be interesting to see how our budding cult-leader deals with it.

4. Hinterkind #4 – If you’re a sucker for post-apocalyptic stories, you really should be checking out Hinterkind.  It isn’t the best thing ever written and it won’t change your life or anything, but it’s a different spin on a scenario that I can’t get enough of.

5. X-Files Season 10 #8 – This series is going to dive back into the mythology of the X-Files with this issue.  Ultimately, it was the mythology that let the TV season down.  Let’s see if the comic performs better.


Hugo’s Pick

Best From The Past Week: Manhattan Projects #17 – It was a light week, but I still found myself enjoying something a bit more than other issues with Jonathan Hickman and Nick Pitarra’s crazy science shenanigans. It might have been a bit light on the plot, but the humor, insane ideas and the characters won me over once more. I have no idea where everything is going with this title, but it’s issues like these that makes me want to find out.

Most anticipated this week:

1. All-New X-Factor #1 – I have a huge admiration for Peter David, who managed to write really good Hulk stories and made me truly care for characters like Jamie Madrox and Layla Miller. With this series having a rather inspired take on superheroes and corporations, I am mightily curious to see if the writer can work his magic with these characters. Still, I am almost certain that this should be worthwhile.

2. Avengers World #1 – Nick Spencer and Jonathan Hickman did manage to give us some worthy issues of Avengers right before Infinity started. With Stefano Caselli returning with the writing duo, I am eager to see if this title will manage to give some bit more action and character work that the series could use. Still, I suppose this should be interesting considering the talent behind this book.

3. Abe Sapien #9 – With the previous issue being a flashback issue, we finally return to the main plot of this book as the pilgrimage of Abe continue. With its rather fascinating approach to the end of the world and its generally great art, I am interested to see if the book will continue in its previous approach or try something different. Either way, I will continue reading.

4. Swamp Thing #27 – Charles Soule has done some really great work on this book so far. With some twists and some really interesting development to the mythos around the character, this series has been a blast to read. I am intrigued by where this might be going and I soon cannot wait to find out what happens next.

5. Revolutionary War Alpha #1 – Half of the DnA writing duo (Andy Lanning) writing British characters like Captain Britain and Pete Wisdom? Sign me up! I have no real knowledge of the U.K. line of characters from Marvel, yet I think this could be something rather nice, a reinvigoration of those characters if you will for older and newer fans. Still, I am curious enough to wish to read the whole thing.