Considering the very nature of the Internet and its general relation with super hero comics, it would be kind of hard not to know what this column is all about.

Still, if one has been strong enough to resist the appeal of spoilers, I highly suggest that this person should just turn back before it’s too late (although the very title of this page might very well give it away in the first place).

Simply put, what many have foretold will come true in a few months. Peter Parker will be back in control in April, with a new Amazing Spider-Man #1, handled by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos.

One of the very hero responsible for the huge popularity of Marvel back in the 60’s will once more be on the forefront of the many publications released every month. For many, this will most assuredly be welcomed by fanfares, cries of joy or a very self-assured ”I thought so”. After all, it would have been rather bizarre of Marvel not to take advantage of the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie to let new readers flow into the ongoing stories of Peter Parker, arguably one of the most popular character in comics.

However, while the announcement of this news might be utterly welcome for fans, it does leave a certain question open: whatever will happen to Otto Octavius? While many had a sheer hate of the very concept behind Superior Spider-Man, many also immensely enjoyed this whole new take brought up by Otto Octavius, with some nicknames given to the character, like spOck, Otto-Spidey or Spider-Ock.

While certainly controversial, the general concepts and the execution of Otto Octavius as both Spider-Man and Peter Parker made for some fascinating stories as well as a rather captivating way to analyze the life and methods of Peter Parker. While it was certainly easy to hate Otto, mostly because he had effectively killed a personal hero to many, there was a very interesting notion brought forth by the book and the character that Peter indeed had far more potential than he ever knew.

Using his genius to build different sorts of machines, planning ahead in how to capture criminals and cooperating with the police, Otto did challenge the notions of readers of just what Spider-Man could achieve, pitting our emotions against our own logic as the very methods he used were clever, yet the intentions behind his actions were certainly anything but noble.

Going as far as showing a different angle with the supporting characters, the personal, professional and super hero life of Peter Parker was certainly not the same in the eyes of Otto, which made the book a very different beast altogether. It was strange, it was different and it made for something rather refreshing to follow with each issue.

It was by no mean perfect, though, with some things handled in ways that were questionable, like the fact that no one seemed to understand that Peter had changed drastically in his behaviour, or the fact that some people were decidedly okay with Spider-Man watching them 24/7 with his spider-bots. There were some things that decidedly weren’t for everybody, like close to every book in existence.

However, while I am talking in the past tense as if the book and story of Otto is over, the fate of the villainous, yet ambiguously heroic and effective Spider-Ock isn’t over yet. With Goblin Nation starting next month and the return of Peter Parker planned to occur right after that, Dan Slott may still surprise us. However, the question remains: whatever will happen to Otto Octavius?

There is a certain mystery floating around the title Superior Spider-Man and the cast of characters it handled. What will happen to Spider-Island 2, Anna Maria Marconi, the spiderlings and all those concepts introduced in this book? Will Dan Slott use them to propel the story of Peter Parker forward? Will the book be killed for a return to Amazing Spider-Man?

There are, of course, a large number of questions attached to this announcement, with nothing but speculation and rumors to substantiate partially our expectations about the future of the Spider-Man family of titles.

However, on a personal level, I will say this: I hope Otto Octavius stays. Not that I don’t want Peter Parker back, of course, as the character has been a part of my love of super heroes ever since I was a child, yet it would seem like a waste to let go of a concept that not only sells, but can also be further developed down the line.

There is a lot of potential to a Otto Octavius that has been humbled once more, that lost it all or has been revealed as an hoax that tried so desperately to wipe his slate clean. The character had been developed, with a supporting cast of his own and with some methods and ideas that made his actions and thoughts interesting to read.

While the future is yet to be determined and experienced, I certainly hope that there might be a place for both Peter Parker and Otto Octavius, with two Spider titles with different handle on what it means to be a hero.

However, like I said above, this is but speculation on my part.

What were your reactions when reading the news? What are your fears and your anticipations regarding this announcement? Go on in the comments and explain your opinion and let the discussion begin.