Dean’s Picks

Best From The Past Week: X-Files, Season 10 #8 – Clunky title aside, this is a great series when Michael Walsh is doing the art.  When someone else does it, the series is just “okay”, but Walsh really brings back the old vibe of the TV show.  These sorts of comics are really hard to do properly.  I’ve sampled – and dropped – so many comic series based on a beloved TV show or video games, but somehow they’re making X-Files really work.  Maybe it’s just because we have enough distance from the original work????  Regardless, this was a snappy done-in-one issue that’s worth checking out if loved the TV show, but haven’t tried this series yet.

Most Anticipated:

1. Velvet #3 – This is already a great series and I’m prepared to enjoy it for the next few years.  The basic premise is cool (aging, female version of James Bond set in the 1970s) and with these creators, I don’t see how it can go wrong.  I mean, Steve Epting isn’t going to suddenly forget how to draw, nor is Ed Brubaker doing to forget how to create a fun story.  Enjoy with confidence!

2. Alex + Ada #3 – I’m really enjoying this under-the-radar series from Image because it’s interested in asking all the big questions that are appropriate when it comes to interacting with an artificial intelligence.  Namely, when do you have to start treating it better than you would treat your iPhone?  And, does the physical packaging of the A.I. matter when you decide how to treat it?  It’s a very high quality science-fiction title and I’m looking forward to how Alex and Ada’s relationship grows in this issue.

3. Black Dynamite #1 – This mini-series has had a tortured path to the shelves at your LCS due to art changes and issues with the owner of the Black Dynamite property.  Still, it is here now and we can just enjoy the spoof blaxploitation goodness of Black Dynamite.

4. Coffin Hill #4 – Honestly, I’m not sure I love the story in Coffin Hill, but the art is delectable.  It’s certainly buying the series some time to hook me on a series about mystic powers and demons and stuff that I’m usually not very interested in.

5. Amazing X-Men #3 – This series has been a lot of fun.  Do you remember a few years ago when the X-Men titles were really mediocre – and had been mediocre for 4-5 years?  Not a problem now.  They’re all hot.

Hugo’s Pick

Best From The Past Week: Manifest Destiny #3 – It was kind of a struggle between some titles for the top spot for me, but now that I’ve given another chance to this series, I have to say I am really impressed with what this title is achieving. It takes chances, it has great art, it combines action, horror and a genuine sense of discovery very well in something rather unique. I was skeptic, but this series has won me over and I am glad it did.

Most anticipated this week:

While there are a good number of titles releasing this week, there shall be no Miracleman #1 in my picks. I plan to buy the hardcovers to this series, so there is no real reason for me to anticipate buying the single issues. Still, I am eager to read them despite it all.

1. Superior Spider-Man #25 – Giving us an oversized issue this week, I am kind of stocked to see where this Venom story might go after all the crazy setup and the general direction it is going. This title has been really fun and I do believe Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos can deliver with another entertaining issue this time around.

2. Rat Queens #4 – This series has been a great surprise for me. Good characters, great humor, a nice balance between action, joking and general development, it has it all as the crazy antics of the violent and erratic Rat Queens should prove to be fun in this issue as well if the previous issues are any indication.

3. X-Men Legacy #22 – The ongoing struggle of David Haller with his psyche, the legacy of his father and his desire to help mutant kind made for some of the best X-stories of the year, in my opinion. What Simon Spurrier and his artistic team has achieved is nothing short of fantastic, with them reinvigoration a character and a whole idea in general, giving us a new way to appreciate how mutants are in the Marvel universe. With the conclusion of the title getting close, I am curious to see how the writer will build things up for the big climax.

4. Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #25 – To see it so low on my most anticipated list might be erratic considering I went on and named it one of the best ongoing of 2013, yet the Dark Cybertron event has been rather slow. While I’m sure things will eventually pick up sooner or later, this crossover between the two titles is not an indicative of what James Roberts can actually accomplish with the universe. Still, I am a fan of this universe and of the writers, so it is hard for me not to anticipate reading an issue nonetheless.

5. Thunderbolts #20 – This title had a certain aspect that was lacking for a while. Even with the inclusion of Charles Soule, the artistic direction was a bit rough for the most part, which I do believe should be corrected by Carlos Barberi, the new artist. With Ghost Rider being incorporated into the title and a new arc beginning, I do believe this title might finally begin showing the potential it always had.