Dean’s Picks

Best From The Past Week: All New X-Men #23 – Even though I mostly review non-Big 2 comics, it doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate a lot of the stuff at Marvel.  I don’t WANT to like this stuff….I’m a grown man, dammit!  But, it’s really hard to argue with the quality of the Bendis X-titles right now.  This crossover story with Guardians of the Galaxy is just wonderful.  I love how the story-concept is candy for long-time X-Men fans, the art is delightful and it even brings in the GotG characters who I love.

Most Anticipated:

1. The Unwritten: Apocalypse #2 – The first issue of this second volume was a great jumping on point, but it also went right back to the well of DEEP storytelling.  This is a comic that will make you think, and think and think some more.  You’ll keep peeling back layers of the onion and keep finding more things to think about.  It’s really wonderful.  Except for the stupid Fables crossover, it has never failed to reward my attention and concentration.

2. Alex + Ada #4 – The first three issues of A+A were wonderful set-up that showed that the creators are interested in telling a provocative story about artificial intelligences and how we treat them.  I suspect this issue is when the build-up will start to pay off.

3. Uncanny X-Men #17 – Because the current X-titles are really good.

4. Amazing X-Men #4 – Because the current X-titles are really good. Seriously, the main titles are being written by Bendis and Aaron with A-list artists.  That’s wonderful.

5. Undertow #1 – A new series from Image that sounds like it’s about an Atlantean warrior to comes to the surface, but has to live inside a mobile aquatic city.  Worth a look…

Hugo’s Pick

Best From The Past Week: X-Men Legacy #24 – There was simply no contest. Not to diminish some of the strong work from other creators, but Simon Spurrier gave the ending that this series and David Haller deserved. It was thoughtful, it was weird, it was unique and it made for a brilliant conclusion to the ongoing troubles of David as a character. Living up to the legacy aspect and with art that was decidedly very fitting, this was simply a wonderful issue that made this story have an actual impact. In a world where some capes comics only attain a borderline form of entertainment, this issue was an achievement, pure and simple.

Most anticipated this week:

While there aren’t as many comics release that are making me impatient this week, there are still some notable releases.

1. Unity #4 – With the quality of this comic wavering from pretty okay to downright great, I am eager to see if Matt Kindt and Doug Braithwaite can actually conclude this arc in a fitting fashion. With some downright amazing development and some very strong character work, a lot is resting on this title as the Valiant universe could get even more interesting if this experiment works.

2. Kings Watch #4 – The latest issue was a definitely welcome surprise, enhancing the action and the scale of the threat the heroes face in a way that was very fun to read. With Jeff Parker and Marc Laming clearly in their element, I sure do hope they can keep the momentum of this book as they approach the conclusion.

3. Red Sonja #7 – This title had been good, but not great for a while. However, Gail Simone did craft a very well-made conclusion to her arc, cementing the fact that this is a title to watch out for me. I like sword and sorcery, I like Gail Simone as a writer for the most part and I would love it if this title could continue to surprise me. I suppose we’ll see if this issue can manage to do so.

4. Punisher #2 – The first issue was a nicely done tale. It’s always nice to see that a title can be consistent and I believe this is what Nathan Edmondson is aiming for with this title. However, he could also impress us with an even tighter read this time around. Either way, I’d be fine with it as we can get more great work from Mitch Gerads and some action with Frank Castle.

5. Captain America #17 – I am lukewarm so far with this series. It is definitely trying something new, yet it doesn’t work as well as it could be. What puts it on this list, though, is Nic Klein. This artist is one of my favourites and I highly suspect he could bring some more interesting notions to this book thanks to his enormous talent. Make me care about the book and you’ll make me happy, Nic.