Dean’s Picks

Best From The Past Week: The Unwritten: Apocalypse #2 – I couldn’t be happier with how The Unwritten has returned in this second volume.  It has dived right back into very deep well of stories about stories themselves.  The more you think about The Unwritten, the more things in the comic make sense.  You know how we all have comics where we form judgements about other people based on their reactions to the material.  “That guy doesn’t like Chew??!?!?  He must be an incredible bore to not enjoy such a fun comic.” or “That guy doesn’t like Scalped??!!??  He must be a sissy who can’t stand violence.”  Well, now I think, “That guy doesn’t like Unwritten??!???!  He must not be intelligent.”  Even if you don’t get it, you should keep a copy on your coffee table because it’ll make you look good.

Most Anticipated:

1. The Walking Dead #122 – I’m not sure if this All Out War storyline is almost over, but it feels like closure is upon us.  As an aside, comics are so much more fun if you don’t read comic news sites that tell you when stories are coming up and when they are ending.  Anyway…..TWD has some real forward momentum now.  I always like these periods in TWD where we transition from one status-quo to the next. The Alexandria Phase of the story is just about over and I’m excited to see where the characters end up (and which characters get to continue in the story).

2. The Wake #6 – Geez…..this should be a really hot issue.  For those that don’t remember, The Wake #5 ended with a supreme plot twist and I can’t wait to see Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy’s interpretation of a futuristic, watery post-apocalypse with humanity battling mermen for supremacy.  Snyder writing + Murphy drawing is about as good of an artistic combination as I can imagine.

3. Fantastic Four #1 – I’ve always liked the Fantastic Four, but the Matt Fraction run was a really “blah” experience.  It’s funny how Fraction is incredible on off-beat titles like Hawkeye or Iron Fist or FF, but stumbles a bit with “normal” superheroes.  Let’s hope that James Robinson can get us back to the magic that Jonathan Hickman brought to the title.  Art is by Leonard Kirk (not an exciting choice, but it doesn’t repel me either).

4. Sheltered #7 – This is a great story of the “pre-apocalypse”. Last issue the rebellious little prepper kids who had killed their parents had to interact with the outside world for the first time.  Curious to see if the jig is up or not.

5. Black Science #4 – Dropping like a stone on the “most anticipated” list is Black Science.  Rick Remender needs to demonstrate that he has a story to match with the kick-ass art.  This series has gone from an exhilarating first issue to a third issue that was very concerning.  As much momentum as a feather.


Hugo’s Pick

Best From The Past Week: Avengers World #3 – It wasn’t the most impressive of week, but there were still some fun to be had, especially in this kung-fu tale with plenty of action delivered by Jonathan Hickman, Nick Spencer, Stefano Caselli and the multiple colorists in this month’s issue. For what it tried to do, it succeeded wonderfully, making me wonder if those upcoming Iron Fist and Shang-Chi titles will even come close to the martial art enjoyment of this particular book.

Most anticipated this week:

However, this week is simply packed with greatness. There are way too many titles that I’m eager to read. It could be a top ten this time and I don’t even know if I’d be able to cover everything that I’m anticipating. Still, let’s get on with the top 5.

1. Uncanny Avengers #17 – There have been some duller moments in the buildup to where this title is presently, but the current arc with Steve McNiven has been simply wonderful. With colossal problems for our heroes to face, the stakes being impossibly high and the action delivering on all front, this is truly an exciting time for this title as the conclusion promise to be big. Here’s hoping Rick Remender, Steve McNiven and the rest of the team delivers on this one.

2. The Wake #6 – I have a strange approach when it comes to Scott Snyder. I don’t really like his superhero work, yet I absolutely love his more independent work. Batman doesn’t do much for me, yet American Vampire is pure genius. His Swamp Thing left me cold, but The Wake has been excellent. It’s with that mindset that I am looking forward to the next issue of this monstrous tale. With an approach that seems expansive and the beast of an artist that is Sean Murphy, this should be a really good issue.

3. Rat Queens #5 – This title was one of my discoveries on our best and worst list of 2013, which makes any issue that comes out a happy anticipation from my part. I like the humor, I love the style, I am interested in the characters and I want to know more about the crazy and irresponsible shenanigans of the Rat Queens. Prove that I was right in putting my faith in you two, Wiebe and Upchurch!

4. TMNT #31 – It’s a testament to the strength of this book that I can wholeheartedly say that this book is awesome. With a mix of nostalgia, originality and a wonderful sense of storytelling, this title keeps on getting better with each month. It has reached a point where I’m genuinely invested in what will happen next. Will Leonardo truly get out of his funk? What will happen to Alopex? What happens to the city now that Shredder and the Foot clan have actually began to consolidate their effort and their hold on everything? I want to find out, which makes this title a clear winner in terms of quality for me.

5. Black Science #4 – I want this title to succeed. While none of the two previous issues have been as amazing as the very first one, I believe Remender can turn everything around and surprise the readers. I hope the crazy inventiveness and the mix of action and discovery will return to this title, with Matteo Scalera and Dean White on the title to provide the expansive craziness for a long time. Make me right and I’ll be definitely happy, Remender.