Dean’s Picks

Best From The Past Week: TIE – Black Science #4 & The Wake #6 – Ordinarily, I’d just pick one of these comics.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a tie for Pick of the Week, but there’s a first time for everything.  I tried to apply the “If the building were on fire and you could only save ONE of the two comics, which would you grab?” but then realized that comics are very light and I could carry both.  They’re both delightful comics and fully deserving of Pick of the Week.  I couldn’t stand either of them not winning.  Black Science #3 got right back to the magical splendor of the first issue.  The Wake #6 was the return for a great series and took the story forward into a new century.  Both have a tremendous sense of world building and discovery.  Both have tremendous (and similar) art.

Most Anticipated:

1. Velvet #4 – This is one of those series that makes me so optimistic about the future of comics.  I love the 70’s espionage feel of Velvet.  It’s interesting how Ed Brubaker is commercial enough that he doesn’t do truly weird and offbeat stories with limited appeal, but he always does give the story a spin to keep it from being totally familiar.  This is just, “What if James Bond were a woman and she went rogue against a corrupt MI-6”

2. Starlight #1 – Sounds cool.  I’m always down for a new Mark Millar series.  I honestly don’t remember the last time I hated something he did.  It’s usually pretty good and he always has an excellent artist to work with.  This is the first title in his “Millarverse” and is supposedly about a space explorer who returns to Earth, finds life too mundane and returns to the stars in search of adventure.  Sounds cool…Goran Parlov is drawing it.

3. Jupiter’s Legacy #4 – Speaking of Mark Millar….. this series took a turn for the serious last time out.  There’s a slight delay with the shipping, but the quality has been really high.  This series seems to be Millar being a little more serious and I actually like Millar a LOT when he stops trying to impresses us with how extreme he can be.  The guy actually has a point sometimes when you push through the marketing hype.

4. Moon Knight #1 – I have just about zero interest in Moon Knight, but I really, really like Warren Ellis.  He doesn’t do a lot of comics anymore, but when he does, it is almost always top notch stuff.  Remember a couple of years ago when Secret Avengers was just flopping around: Brubaker wasn’t doing anything useful with the story, Nick Spencer did a few issue that were “fine”…..then Ellis came in and did a 6-issue run that was beyond incredible?  I expect the same thing from Moon Knight…..and then I’ll buy Moon Knight comics for a year after Ellis leaves hoping that they’ll be 50% of the quality.

5. She-Hulk #2 – I really loved the first issue.  It’s off-beat and if you work with attorneys – as I do – it was very accurate in the lampooning of attorney life.  Javier Pulido is totally under-rated as an artist.  There’s just not much to go wrong here.



Hugo’s Pick

Best From The Past Week: The Manhattan Projects #18 – This series had been stuck in some sort of funk lately, with good but not great issues being the norm for a while, but this specific issue was just superb. When Jonathan Hickman decides to be crazy and go ahead with plenty of action and absurd ideas, he’s simply too much fun. A big macho general fighting an ultimate life-form that speaks like a stoner dude. Explosions, funny lines, betrayals and plenty of awesome things happened here, with Nick Pitarra illustrating them with gusto. This was simply great and I can’t wait for what happens next.

Most anticipated this week:

1. Moon Knight #1 – Warren Ellis? Check. Declan Shalvey? Check. Jordie Bellaire? Check. A character I personally believe could be great if handled correctly? Double check. All the elements for me to love this book are here, so my expectations are quite high. Please make it so no one on this book screws up in any way.

2. Velvet #4 – The potential for Brubaker, Philips and Breitweiser to screw up on this title, however, is below zero. With a setting that each of them is familiar with and some decidedly great issues being released prior to this one, they’d simply have to try hard if they actually wanted this not to work.

3. She-Hulk #2 – The first issue was definitely a pleasant surprise. With the legal angle of Jennifer’s world covered very well as well with a lot of humor, I do believe Charles Soule could make this series something memorable in the long run. With Javier Pulido working with him, I know that, at the very least, it will look nice. Let’s hope for a second issue as good as the first one.

4. Action Comics #29 – Greg Pak has succeeded in writing the Superman comic I always wanted to read. With a compassionate and lively aspect to the Man of Steel along with a good supporting cast, there’s a definite charm to this version that makes me want to read the ongoing adventures of Clark Kent. With Aaron Kuder delivering the goods with his art, there’s simply no reason for me not to be eager to read this issue.

5. Rogue Trooper #1 – Little known fact: I’m a huge fan of 2000AD. With a new version of this very good tale of warfare and what comes with it, this series could be really nice if handled correctly. With Alberto Ponticelli being responsible for the visual aspect of the issue, it all comes down to Brian Ruckley to deliver with the script. Here’s hoping this series turn out to be good.