Dean’s Picks

Best From The Past Week: Velvet #4 – I appreciated this comic more and more as the week passed.  When a comic is so good that you’re noticing the minute things that make it outstanding (as I did in my review), it means you really have something special.  Unless you just can’t abide spy fiction, I can’t imagine this comic series disappointing you.  And since it is by two established professionals (Brubaker and Epting), you just know it won’t get to issue #10 and suddenly run out of story or have the art go wonky.  Must read….

Most Anticipated:

1. The Walking Dead #123 – There are only a few issue left in this All Out War story and still a LOT of resolution left to be completed.  We still don’t have any clear indications of which main characters will die – and someone will surely die – or where the story will move to next.  We don’t know if these are the last several issue featuring Negan – one of the more electric characters to hit comic pages in the last few years. Last issue was somewhat quiet, but ended on a cliffhanger.  Let’s see what we get today.  I know some people claim to be bored with TWD, but it is always the first comic I download on Wednesdays.

2. Batman #29 – After a brief hiatus last month, we’re plunging back into the heart of the Zero Year story.  The story has probably been a little over long and it feels a little slow when compared to Marvel and The Walking Dead releasing bi-weekly, but the story has been excellent.  I’m very eager to see the final resolution of this Batman vs. Riddler story and can’t wait for the return of Road Warrior Batman on his dirt bike.

3. Manifest Destiny #5 – Judging by pageviews on our site, not enough of you are reading Manifest Destiny.  It’s great.  It’s an alternate story of the Lewis and Clark expedition and features things like minotaur/centaur/bison crosses and plant zombies.  The gang was in a tight spot last time.  Let’s see how they get out of this mess.

4. The Mercenary Sea #2 – I was pretty fond of the first issue.  It was quickly paced, pulpy and featured a setting that hasn’t already been beaten to death: pre-WWII Pacific.  How can you not like a story of various misfits finding adventure in a stolen German U-boat?

5. East of West #10 – Candidly, I’m losing the plot on this story.  I still enjoy the series, but I’m not sure I remember where it is trying to go or what the stakes are.  But, the creators (Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta) are exemplary.  I just need to rediscover a handhold in the story.




Hugo’s Pick

Best From The Past Week: Moon Knight #1 – To be fair, there were plenty of great stuff this week. Velvet, She-Hulk and Magneto were pretty nice, just to name a few, but the new volume of Marc Spector’s crazy adventures took the cake for me. I liked everything in this, be it the art, colorization, writing and the whole new take on Moon Knight, with everyone being simply brilliant to give a very convincing first issue. I am already eager for issue 2, which is what any good opening should aim for.

Most anticipated this week:

1. East of West #10 – The latest issue wasn’t as great as the others, but that won’t diminish my enthusiasm for more greatness from Hickman, Dragotta and Martin. I want to see where this is going and what will eventually happen to all those characters introduced.

2. Secret Avengers #1 – The new renumbering aside, I am pumped for this new volume. Ales Kot. Michael Walsh. M.O.D.O.K. and more insanity from the man who brought us the amazing Zero. I don’t know if I am simply hyping myself too much, but in Kot I trust at this point.

3. Superior Foes of Spider-Man #9 – More adventures starring those lovable losers? Yes please! I simply cannot have enough of the Sinister Six and their misadventures, with a certainly interesting angle on super-villains as well as plenty of humor, both Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber convinced me a while ago that this title was worth it and so far they haven’t been wrong. Here’s hoping this will be just as good.

4. Manifest Destiny #5 – I like a comic that does try its very best to be original and exciting. With this series succeeding so far on both front, I want to see the craziness ahead of Lewis and Clark’s expedition as they encounter more monster, more mayhem and more surprises. With art that is certainly quite good to look at, it is simply a good series.

5. Stray Bullets Killers #1 – I have never read this series. I know it has a high reputation and that this should be simply amazing, but I have no idea what to expect. Still, with plenty of people recommending that I read it and with this new volume starting, it’s hard not to be a little eager at something new.