It’s been a bit more than a year since I started writing reviews for this site. Doing so, I learned quite a lot, making it so I truly began to analyze what makes a book good or not. While I may have still a long way to go to truly count myself as an expert in the field, participating in the grand project that is this site made me advance considerably. Trying new things, looking at elements differently and just appreciating the good stuff is just part of what I learned here. So far, it has been fantastic in many aspects, but alas nothing is perfect.

I am writing this because, as of this moment, I will no longer write for this site. Whether it is permanent or simply temporary is still something that only the future will tell, but for the near-future, no new reviews shall be written from my part here.

The reason is not at all directed from interference or anything closely tied to such predicaments. The staff here is a joyous one, with a willingness to help and a appreciation for sequential art that rivals mine.

The reason, basically, is due to a certain lack of balance from my part. I am, generally, a man of ambition that is unfortunately unable to control his very basic desires, leaving a certain lack of vision for the future. This had the result of me taking too many books at once, for too long a period. Since everything is purely on a voluntary basis, this is essentially my fault.

However, with the previous week peaking at 15 reviews and the future looking a bit too much for me to handle, this left me with a choice: continue like this and try to balance things out despite having a job and other obligations, or leave room to make things a bit smoother. I chose the latter, with me needing to have a bit more control over a lot of stuff going on.

This might seem a tad unprofessional, me leaving the site as I simply picked up a great number of series, with some of which my co-workers aren’t even reading in the first place. However, for me to be able to progress and to have a better handle on a great many responsibilities, I decided to simply put my reviews on the side for an unspecified period of time.

As such, I am sorry for those who liked to read my reviews. I am also sorry to those who wanted to read the reviews that I did on series they liked. It is a regrettable decision, yet one that I felt I had to take.

The continued excellence of Noah Sharma, Dean Stell and Minhquan Nguyen will continue, yet not without me for some time.

Thanks a lot for everything!

-Hugo Robberts Larivière