Best of the past week: American Vampire – Second Cycle #1 – It was just so lovely to have this series back after its hiatus.  One of the best series of recent years returns with some of the same characters that we grew to love last time, but a mostly new story concept.  It’ll still be nifty allegory for the growth and history of the United States too, so if you want to look at the comic in a deeper way, there is that too.  Very intrigued by who this creepy new Gray Trader villain is.

Most anticipated this week: 

1. The Wake #7 – The first issue of the second chapter of The Wake was aces.  The whole series has been aces.  This series has two of my very favorite creators and I have 100% confidence that I’ll love every second of the story.  Waterworld, vicious mermen, trained dolphins, floating cities, apocalypse, hot heroine, etc…..

2. The Walking Dead #124 – This should be an interesting issue, because there is a chance that _____ will start down a bad path to a slow, inevitable death.  That death would really shake up the series and I’m generally curious about whether Robert Kirkman is brave enough to actually do it.

3. Uber Special #1 – This series is really sneaky good.  The only thing I haven’t loved about Uber is the art.  It’s just way, way, way over-inked.  But, the story itself if pretty hot stuff if you’re a military history fan and I think this Special has a different artist.  This wouldn’t be a bad issue to check out if you’re curious about the series.

4. Alex + Ada #5 – This issue should be interesting.  Last time, we saw that Alex had paid money to have Ada “uplifted”.  She won’t be a dumb, subservient robot anymore in this issue…..she’ll have self-determination.  Very curious to see where it goes as the story has been very thought-provoking.

5. Avengers #27 – Because Hickman’s Avengers has been consistently wonderful.

-Dean Stell