Best of the past week: The Wake #7 – I loved this.  Seeing the weird, post-Waterworld version of America is amazing.  Seeing the huge merman thing destroy this cruise ship like a kraken was pretty incredible too.  But the thing I like the most is just having complete confidence in the storytellers.  Sean Murphy never has a poor panel.  I’ve never failed to enjoy a Scott Snyder story.  I’ve loved the two of them together on American Vampire.  In world where most stories disappoint a little, it’s nice to just not sweat it.

Most anticipated this week: 

1. Black Science #5 – This series has varied between awesome and pretty good, but I’m always excited about any series that has the potential for greatness in any single issue.  The writer/genre/artist/colorist are all in place, so any issue of Black Science can knock your socks off. Last issue they found themselves in a sort of Star Wars-esque collection of aliens and I’m curious to see what happens.

2. Starlight #2 – I really loved the first issue of this series.  Mark Millar makes his own reputation, so it’s not fair to say that he “gets a bad rap.”  He made his rap.  But, just because he does loud and transgressive comics like Nemesis and Wanted, that doesn’t mean that he can’t do something clean and straight-forward.  I don’t detect anything off-putting about Starlight at all.  I’d be surprised if he even snuck in a really bad word just to see if we were still paying attention.  This is just good wholesome fun that will probably get turned into a movie at some point.

3. Trillium #8 – I think I’d enjoy this series a LOT more if I didn’t have to keep flipping the comic around in my hands.  But, the basic story is classic Lemire and we are close to the end….which means that gut punch is coming.  Lemire is better than any in the business at that stuff.

4. Field #1 – New series from Image by Ed Brisson and Simon Roy that is supposedly about a guy who wakes up naked in a field with ominous messages on his phone about people trying to kill him.  Supposedly it features Bible salesmen, Christian rock, dirty sex, meth and murder.  Probably worth a look.

-Dean Stell