Best From The Past Week: American Vampire #2 – This was a great issue.  I loved how Snyder and Albuquerque aren’t screwing around with an entire story cycle of recap for new readers.  They’ve just flung us right into the deep end of this story about The Grey Trader.  This guy is creepy looking!  And there is still a bundle of mystery about who he is and what he’s up to.  It’ll be a great ride.

Most Anticipated This Week: 

1. The Walking Dead #126 – I am so curious to see how this issue turns out.  It isn’t just that I’m curious to see what becomes of this Rick/Negan battle, but I’m very curious to see whether Robert Kirkman will take this opportunity to do something bold.  TWD is not a fresh, new comic anymore; its about the same age the X-Men were when the Dark Phoenix Saga and Days of Future Past came out.  This story is a chance to turn things on it’s ear and go off in a very new direction,or he can continue with the status quo and watch TWD turn into the Big 2 superhero comics where nothing ever changes because the underlying characters are too valuable to kill.  Kirkman has talked a good game for 10 years about the majesty of independent comics giving better opportunities to creators to tell their stories.  He’s talked the talk…..let’s see if he can walk the walk.  The easiest way to mix it up would be to kill Rick, but Kirkman is a creative guy.  He can probably come up with something else.  It just can’t be another stanza of Rick & Co. looking for shelter.

2. Lazarus #8 – This will almost certainly be a better comic than TWD #126 and it probably deserves top billing, but TWD just has that must-watch factor that isn’t necessarily associated with expected quality.  Now that Lazarus is 8 issues in, it’s probably safe to say that it is my favorite new series of the last few years.  What I love about Lazarus is how meticulous Greg Rucka is about EVERYTHING.  There is never a moment in Lazarus where I’m distracted by the mechanics of how something works the way I occasionally wonder how zombies can be so decayed, but still strong.  I never have that feeling with Lazarus because Rucka has done his homework and anticipated my questions before I could even conceive them.

3. Sheltered #8 – I like how quickly this story is boiling.  On one hand, I really love the premise for Sheltered and enjoy reading it.  But it probably doesn’t need to be a 100-issue epic and it’s nice to see the creators getting on with things.  They’ll tell this story in 15-25 issues and it’ll be a nice, tight tale.

4. Uber #11 – I wish I had a little more time to write reviews, because this series is sneaky good and deserves more attention.  I’m not a huge fan of the art, but the story is really hot stuff if you’re a military history fan.  The last issue ended with one of the German supersoldiers getting crashed into London on a supposed suicide mission.  We’ve actually come to care about this supersolider and don’t like how she’s been used by the Nazi’s.  Kinda grim if she get’s killed in bloody fashion.

– Dean Stell