Best From The Past Week:  Lazarus #8 – I love the way everything sticked together in this issue.  The first phase of the Lazarus story featured two tales that didn’t seem to immediately connect.  They were both interesting stories, but you had to basically trust that the creators know what they’re doing and hope it works out.  If these were new creators, I might not have given them the chance. But with Greg Rucka and Michael Lark….no problem.  They’re pros and they’re taking us to very good places in this series.

Most Anticipated This Week:

1. Vertigo Quarterly #1 – It’s hard not to be excited about a new quarterly anthology publication from Vertigo.  Some pretty nice creators on this title.  Check it out.

2. Black Science #6 – Pretty amazing that this series is already all the way to #6…..  Individual issues have oscillated between electric and “pretty good”.  It probably won’t be the greatest series of all time, but it has such a nifty concept and such glorious art that it always has the potential for greatness.  And that is a pretty special thing. Last issue introduced some interesting ideas and I’m curious to see what Rick Remender does with them.

3. Rachel Rising #25 – This series is really chugging toward a climax.  It felt like it spent a really long time in Act 2 of the story (perhaps a little too long), but it really has a head of steam now.  I feel like we’ve got the answers to who and what Rachel and Lillith are….now we just need to watch them fight and get a little more clarity about how little Zoe and Malus fit into the story.

4. Avengers #28 – I don’t love this story as much as Jonathan Hickman’s first cycle with the Avengers, but it is still pretty hot and the art is lovely.

5. All New X-Men #26 – This series has been constantly enjoyable since it launched.  Remember 4-5 years ago when all the X-Men titles were terrible and fans worried that they would always be ignored because Marvel didn’t control the film rights?

-Dean Stell