Best From The Past Week: Alex + Ada #6 – It was a very light week for me and there were no standout issues.  But, it’s really hard to deny the quality of the Alex + Ada story.  There just aren’t many comics out there willing to indulge really deep questions about humanity and how things like outward appearances affect our perception of things like sexuality and slavery.  When a robot is an attractive but demure-appearing female (like Ada), we feel sympathy for her.  When the robot looks like a flying toaster, we could give a damn about it.  Interesting.  I wonder if women perceive this comic the same way I do?

Most Anticipated This week:

1. The United States of Murder, Inc. #1 – This looks pretty cool.  It’s a new crime series from Brian Bendis and Michael Oeming and while I have trouble believing that it’ll ship with regularity (ahem, Powers) or that the creators won’t get distracted (ahem, Takio)…..I’m still pretty excited for a series from two creators I love in a genre I enjoy.

2). Starlight #3 – This has been a great new series from Mark Millar.  If you dismiss Millar as being just the guy who does transgressive comics like Wanted and Kick Ass, you’re missing out.  Hint: A writer can be two things!

3). Royals: Masters at War #4 – I’ve quite enjoyed this alt-WWII series.  This is much more a “What if WWII had superheroes?” than in Uber which appears below.  The writing is crisp, the alternate concept of royal families is interesting and the art is pretty solid.

4). Uber #13 – Uber is a great story….better than Royals: MaW.  If you’re interested in war comics, this is one you shouldn’t be missing.  The recent arc has seen one of the German battleship-class ubers fired into London and wrecking havoc.  Ripped the head off of Churchill last issue….

5. The Walking Dead #127 – I was quite displeased with the anticlimax of All Out War and I think some of the problem is that TWD just isn’t an event comic series.  It’s really just a run-on story that happens to be marketed as having “events” because of the commercial realities of a successful TV show.  I probably expected too much in terms of conclusion.  Still…..I want to see Robert Kirkman demonstrate that he can tell a story more sophisticated than a man (Rick), his son (Carl) and their constant friends (Andrea/Michonne) trying to build a city in the zombie wasteland.  There are so many things to explore that I’m unsure why we should be stuck in a small area for 3-4 years.

-Dean Stell