Jason Aaron (Writer), Mike Deodato (Artist), Frank Martin (Color Artist).

The Story: Who holds the eye?

The Review: The answer to the above question has more than one answer, as this issue we learn the identities of a trio of characters who hold one of the Watcher’s eyes. The character reveals are seriously out of left field, certainly not the usual suspects  which is a wonderful change of pace from the usual annual event tradition of recognizable heroes, villains and narrowed focus. Much as I delighted at the oddball team-ups that occurred in the first issue, the villain partnership that is presented in #2 feels incredibly fresh and exciting. The mystery angle of this series is quickly displaying how effective it is at throwing curve balls at, and surprising readers. Lets hope that the remaining six issues continue this trend.

The story’s scope continues to grow with this issue as more heroes become involved, Avengers, X-men, street-level heroes and newer faces like Nova join the manhunt for Uatu’s murderer. Not all of the characters play key roles in the issue but their inclusion does give the series the star power it needs for it’s summer blockbuster status. Where the issue does really shine is when it focuses on Nick Fury, clearly the star of the series, taking on a not-so-Mindless One in his flying car above New York. Aaron writes a fantastic Nick Fury, utilizing an array of outlandish spy gadgets to interrogate and later dispatch of his quarry with Steranko-esque style.

The issue also focuses on two of the “Mysterious Boss'” investigation teams, while we don’t get any Winter Soldier/Moon Knight/Gamora material this time round the material we get with the others is very strong. The unusual groupings really does reveal a great deal of character through their contrast and dialogue. Specifically the back and forth between Emma Frost and The a Black Panther is incredibly demonstrative of both character’s pragmatic nature.

While the identity of the hooded figure and his accomplices is revealed, multiple mysteries spring up in its place; who murdered the Uatu? Who holds the second eye? Who is the Mysterious Boss? What secrets has the eye revealed and to whom? Why was the Watcher killed? The fact that there are multiple mysteries at play in this series really adds to the enjoyment of a summer blockbuster event, adding a layer of depth and adding to the reading experience the anticipation that anything really can and will happen. In an age when mainstream comics are spoiled months in advance of their release it’s a pleasant sensation to be surprised.

The art on this book continues to be highly appropriate. I use the word because rarely has a summer comics event had an artist who so ideally fits the tone of the story. Simply put, Mike Deodato was an inspired choice of artist for this book, he adds far more than simply telling the story, he adds a great deal of atmosphere to the proceedings. There are a couple of panels, containing large amounts of characters that feel a little static but given the sheer amount of work and detail that has gone into these pages it’s entirely forgivable.

Original Sin, after two issues has all of the makings of a modern classic. If the book can continue with the high quality of storytelling, art, mystery and focus on some of the more unusual suspects, this may just be the best Marvel event book in years.

Grade: A

-Liam Kelleher