This week’s episode was a return to what has made this show almost unwatchable.

The problem is the continual obsession with people changing during the apocalypse and the endless discussion about how people have changed.  Is it surprising to any single viewer that a meek abused housewife (Carol) could discover she is made of sterner stuff than we imagined?  Is it surprising that there are loud-mouth rednecks (Darryl) who turn out to be considerate companions once they are put in a new environment?  I guess – to me – it just seems blindingly obvious that we are all products of our environment, and if you took away our job, family, home, wi-fi, etc. we might behave differently.  Is that surprising to anymore?

Frankly, I don’t think the characters on the show have changed enough.

There is also a big difference between seeing a character change and TALKING about character change.  Carol is a fascinating character – probably the best on the show – because she has changed so much.  But it is obvious that she has changed; we’ve seen it with our eyes.  Every viewer remembers what she was like in the beginning and they see what she is now.  We don’t need to be told how she has changed because they’ve already shown us the change.  When she and Darryl lean back on the bed and TALK about change, they sound more like people who have read self-help books and are telling everyone the tips they learned.  So tiresome…

Unfortunately, this means another  drab TWD episode focused on two of the best characters.  Nice job!  This deserves an an awkward Tara fist-bump!

This episode was also too damn slow.  After resolving story after story this season, we’re now back into the mode of spinning tires and being stuck in the mud.  I’m not sure that I found the Hospital to be so entertaining that I want to spend more time back there.  I’d rather Darryl and Carol have competed the whole side trip of finding Beth and dragging her back to the group asap so they can catch up with Abraham and Gang.  And because they didn’t resolve that, we now have TWD characters in three separate places.  The cast is overcrowded, but I’m not sure splitting them up was the best decision.

The only unquestionably cool thing about this episode were the sleeping bag and tent zombies.  That was just a hilarious scene with the zombies writhing around in brightly colored sleeping bags and tents.  The tents looked like the world’s worst bounce houses.

And I supposed it would be wrong to close without touching on the possible romance brewing between Darryl and Carol.  Unfortunately, I am plugged into the internet gossip mill regarding TWD and there is huge amounts of speculation that Darryl is gay.  I’m not sure why anyone cares about that or how it ever became a topic, but it seems like anytime there is an interview with Norman Reedus or Robert Kirkman, Darryl’s sexuality comes up.  So, it’s hard for me to watch this uneasy romance growing without feeling that the BIG plot twist will be a reveal that Darryl is gay (accompanied by a bunch of insulting stuff about how we should be shocked that a redneck can be gay).  I’m just so annoyed by that whole concept that it’s hard to take any of it seriously.

-Dean Stell




Not good. This show scares me because after a few really good episodes, it is reverting to some really bad habits. We've seen this before and it isn't good.