The whole purpose of the episode is to show how Rick & Co. have “been out there too long” and that they might have a hard time readjusting to “normal” society: a community led by a real-life politician, electricity, clean stuff, video games, magazines, schools, etc.  Best of all, no Zombies!

This story is actually playing extremely close to the comics right now.  It is so close, in fact, that I anticipate the story won’t deviate much.  The only real difference I see from the comics is the the politician leader is a woman and not a bald dude with a goatee.  Everything else is pretty much clicked into place with all of the characters being in essentially their comic book status quo as of about issue #65.

What I expect to follow isn’t very surprising, Rick & Co. will have trouble assimilating as we see in this episode.  They’re hardened by their experiences in the wild and the denizens here won’t like Rick too much.  They’ll think he’s dangerous.  And Rick’s group will think the citizens are soft and weak.  There will be human drama and eventually danger will happen and the new place will be damn glad they have Rick Grimes inside the walls.  Rick will regrow his Zombie Beard and the show will rumble along.

On one hand, I thought the episode did a pretty good job of showing Rick’s group as outsiders.  I mean, Darryl paced during his interview while holding a dead possum, which he then gutted on the front porch.  I mean– Dude!  C’mon!  That possum blood isn’t just going to rinse off in the rain!  Even if I kinda know how the story will go, that doesn’t mean that TWD writers don’t have an opportunity to make stuff dynamic and compelling.  They’ve never really grabbed those opportunities in the past, but you never know.  Maybe Jessie’s husband will be a little more interesting than just some redneck who sits in the shadows and mutters jealously at Rick about how “My wife cut your hair…”

I just hope the show finds a way to keep doing the little zombie things outside the walls, like when Glen & Co. go on a supply run with the self-described douchebag.  That was a clever and interesting scene, being vindictive against a mindless zombie because it killed a friend is a pretty good way to show how nuts Mr. D-Bag is.  I mean, the zombie doesn’t care and he isn’t an object less to other zombies: Don’t mess with the D-Bag’s friends, or else…  And it had that really uncomfortable scene where the zombie’s skin came off.  YUCK ! But AWESOME!

The best part is always the skin, you know…

-Dean Stell





There's just not a whole lot to this episode. Rick and Co. aren't fit to be around the decent people, but we know that the decent people will eventually be glad Rick is there. Let's just hope this interstitial period is brief and not too tedious.