Day 2 of Emerald City Comic Con 2015. The floor is packed even tighter than yesterday but the convention center remains a surprisingly friendly place. The one thing I’ve heard from creators, especially the bigger creators, over and over again is how much charm this convention has, and I have to agree. While I’ve enjoyed a spattering of dollar bins and trade sales, it’s undeniable just how much of the floor is dedicated to artist alley and small vendors.

I got a slightly late start because I had to meet Mairghread Scott for a really lovely interview about writing for tv and comics and her new series, Transformers: Windblade. On the way back I spotted this:

photo 1

What even is that!? It’s a huge sculpted construct, but there are human arms coming out! Can the operator see? How mobile is it? Can you really call it cosplay when it was clearly designed ONLY FOR KILLING!?

Regardless, the crowds of photographers were dense and I moved onto the floor to look around and speak with creators. I know Benjamin Dewey exclusively from The Autumnlands: Tooth & Claw but I was pleased to find that, in addition to being an astonishingly varied and talented artist, he also seems like a really nice guy. Not only was Ben was super gracious while signing, he knows what an okapi is, which is a mark of a pretty cool dude. In fact, Dewey has drawn an okapi for his Tragedy Series, which he’s not only selling and signing at his booth, but personalizing with small sketches that double as classy inlays declaring to whom the tome belongs. When you’re done at Benjamin’s booth, you can run over to HH-02 and meet Kurt Busiek, who writes The Autumnlands.

I’d also advise that you plan ahead tomorrow if you want to get any signatures from Kieron Gillen, Kelly Sue Deconnick, Matt Fraction, Chip Zdarsky, Jaime McKelvie or Matt Wilson. The lines to see them are pretty intense and, while the show floor may be a little less populated tomorrow, there may be those who rush to see them before time’s up. I met Mr. Gillen today and found him to be every bit as lovely as pretty much everyone I’ve ever heard describe him has said.

Also, if you’ve been agreeing with my reviews of The Woods, writer James Tynion IV is often found at the Boom Studios booth on the skybridge. Not only is he selling issues of The Woods and Memetic, but I didn’t realize that he has advance copies of his upcoming series UFOlogy for sale as well.

photo 3

In the afternoon I caught the DC: Champions of Justice panel. With Cameron Stewart, Babs Tarr, and Brenden Fletcher in attendance, the panel was heavily focused on Batgirl, but we got some interesting hints about what’s to come for Sinestro and Batman 66. It was a nice panel but I would have liked to hear a little more about the writers’ plans for the post-Convergence DCU. That said, I didn’t realize how funny Jeff Parker was. That definitely kept things interesting.

I ended the con proper by checking out the Writing Short Comics panel. Things were definitely focused on giving advice to aspiring writers. I found the panelists very honest, unafraid to discuss the economics of making comics or admit their own weaknesses. It was a fairly informal panel and it was a nice way to round out the day.

From there I took a bit to rest my feet and then headed down to Elysian Bar for the Dark Horse ECCC party. As usual the creators only really started to file in around 11:00, but Dark Horse had provided previews of some upcoming comics. Archie vs. Predator looks like it’s leaning into the craziness that title implies.

I also got to hear Jim Zub talk a little bit about Samurai Jack and Wayward. Zub said that he’s really eager to see people’s reactions to Jack #20. He also mentioned that Wayward is doing well, but needs to find a stable audience before he’s certain on its future. He hopes the numbers stabilize because he wants to write the series for a long time.

And that was Day 2. The highlight for me was definitely talking to Mairghread Scott. How about you? Were you at the show? Did you have a favorite panel or memory from Day 2?