My final day at C2E2 was a relaxed one. Once again there was no hope of getting on Scott Snyder’s signing line so I wended back towards Stan Lee’s Collectables to pick up the volume of Scalped I had left there on Friday. Unfortunately, because I had thought I was buying it on Friday I had collected all the Scalped volume 2s to search for the one with the fewest injuries. Not bad if you’re looking to get the nicest copy, but if you, say, decided to leave it until you were more certain of your budget for the con and someone were to move that stack of trades then you would have to find that exact stack if you wanted to find any copies of that book. Don’t make the same mistakes I’ve made, friends…

Bennett also mentioned the mysterious new character, Singularity, describing her as “a universe incarnate”.

I did some work for WCBR that I needed to get to and then looked for any Sunday deals I could find. I didn’t find anything I wanted. I am the worst at Sunday deals. Regardless, eventually I headed to Marvel’s Secret Wars: Warzones panel. One of the first big titles discussed was A-Force. Co-writer Marguerite Bennett spoke about the hotly anticipated series saying that She-Hulk and the rest of the team are trying to build a utopia in Battleworld and that the series will examine the cost of building a paradise. Bennett is also co-writing 1602: Witch Hunter Angela. Bennett confirmed that Sera will be featured and revealed that it’s not the witchbreed, 1602’s mutants, Angela is after but a group called the Faustians, people who were not born with powers and had to make deals for them. The book will be drawn by Stephanie Hans but there will be backup stories drawn by other artists, Bennett said with almost malevolent excitement.

Planet Hulk was a focus of attention. The series sees a gladiatorial Captain America trying to fight his way across “Greenland”, an island inhabited entirely by different Hulks. Dan Slott chimed in that it was one of the first tie-ins pitched and that the writers instantly knew it would be a big story. Slott also hyped his own books, exciting me, at least, by revealing that Pavitr Prabhakar, your most auspicious neighborhood Spider-Man: India, will be featured in Spider-Verse alongside characters like Spider-Ham, Spider-UK, and Araña. Nick Lowe also reiterated that this book would actually be a direct sequel to the “Spider-Verse” event, but even that couldn’t stand up to what came next.

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows received an enormous applause when its cover came up on the screen. Slott said that this would be an opportunity to actually see a Spider-Man story where he is a father, where his greatest responsibility isn’t being Spider-Man. “He’s a father, a husband, and a hero in that order and that’s going to change everything.” Peter has never had this much to fight for, Slott said, and, in order to do so, he’s going to have to make some hard choices, including putting on the black suit again. Though Slott didn’t state explicitly whether it would be the venom symbiote or a cloth costume, he hinted at the former by reminding us that Mary Jane really doesn’t like that costume and teased how bad things would get by revealing that it will be Mary Jane who demands he switch back.

You know if MJ wants him back in the black suit, things are getting real.

You know if MJ wants him back in the black suit, things are getting real.

James Robinson spoke a bit about his Armor Wars tie-in. In this world, Technopolis, a deadly disease has forced everyone to wear Stark armors, however nobody can remember how the disease began and, more distressingly, no one can remember a time before it. When the only person to unravel that mystery winds up dead, it falls to Jim Rhodes to solve the case. Robinson said that while it will be a big action-packed Iron Man story, it also has this quality of being a murder mystery and he likes that juxtaposition. He also mentioned that some force in Technopolis is looking to upsize their armors, explicitly drawing comparisons to Japanese mecha. So, that’s pretty cool.

The panel also announced Howard the Human. The book will see the titular hero stumble into Howard the Duck’s world, with the panel calling it “Roger Rabbit in the Marvel Universe.”

Young Gotham

God, Bruce! So selfish!

After that panel ended, the same room played host to DC’s Young Gotham panel. Batgirl was obviously a big topic at the panel. Babs Tarr revealed that she has a list of things she wants to draw that she gives to the writers, notables include “sexy Tron outfits” and “Batgirl luchador issue.” The panel also did a great job of reminding me just how huge a part of the Batman line Brenden Fletcher is. We often talk about how exciting books like Gotham Academy, Black Canary, and Batgirl are, but, at least relatively, I don’t see people acknowledging that Fletcher is a common denominator. Admittedly, it helps that he seems like a lovely human being with a sincere love for these characters. Describing Black Canary’s new band, Fletcher said that he imagines them as a mixture of Siouxsie and the Banshees and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, convincing moderator Heath Corson that someone was recording the music with his enthusiasm. For me the most exciting reveal of the panel came during the question and answer section, when Fletcher confirmed a fan’s speculation that Black Canary’s touring schedule was intended to mirror the road trip in Denny O’Neil’s famed Hard-Traveling Heroes run on Green Lantern/Green Arrow.

Though many of the writers were unable to say too much about their post-”Convergence” plans, another big bit of news came out in the form of confirmation that the previews of the new books included in the “Convergence” tie-ins will be made available online, allowing fans to see the first original stories in these new runs without having to purchase the tie-ins.

After that I was sad to discover that I’d missed a chunk of an Image Comics panel I had been interested in seeing, but having only found this out after walking most of the way to Artist Alley, I decided not to run back across the convention to catch the end. Instead I   wandered the aisles and ended up talking to James Tynion and Noah J. Yuenkel, the writers of Boom! Studios’ U.F.O.logy. To my surprise, I had noticed some people online complaining about Tynion’s answer to a question about Cassandra Cain from yesterday. I saw people characterizing it as the panel going silent or copping out, which was strange because I read it as a nearly explicit confirmation that there are plans in place for Cain’s return. Obviously Tynion couldn’t confirm or deny this, but it reminded me how much pressure comic writers, especially those working with beloved pre-existing characters, can be under and from how many sides. Either way, I hope I’m right; DCnU Cassandra Cain would be awesome.

As the con wound down I grabbed a couple more trades – seriously, how did I not own more Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle before now?- and walked the aisles one more time, desperate to ensure that I didn’t miss anything, but as the lights went down without an announcement, C2E2 faded out like a candle.

And so I hopped in a cab, checked my bag, walked under the tail of a Brachiosaurus, boarded a plane and started typing this. Thanks for a wonderful C2E2 everybody, see you next year.

Seriously, this is cool.

Seriously, this is cool.