See?!?! Episodes like these are the reason why it can be so easy to HATE standard television episode to episode based seasons. The Season finale of Flash is a victory for pop culture that brings the Flash mythos as a whole to the next level. The pacing allows this episode to be somber while delivering a definitive tone. The struggles that Barry, Eddie and the S.T.A.R. labs team go through are translated so well. This episode is epic for different reasons that have more to do with emotion and confrontation and most importantly seizing the courage NOT to act.

Immediately going into this episode we are presented with the integral image of the duality between Barry Allan and Dr.Wells aka Eobard Thawne the Reverse Flash. This textbook example of two opposing forces that began as friends has escalated to a new level when Wells tells Barry that he knows a way to save his mother and have the life Barry always wanted. Barry then has a consequence of morality as he struggles to act as time travel is now an option. Weighing in on his potential choice with every major connection in Barry’s life is a touching progression– Barry has heartfelt moments with his Father and with Iris, and lastly with Joe.

However, the tone of this episode isn’t just focused on Barry. A touching moment between Dr.Stein and Eddie reinforce the idea that life is always about choices, we also see Ronnie and Caitlin get married. Barry takes Wells up on his offer and the team immediately begins construction on the device that will create a singularity that if Barry can reach the desired velocity, he will be able to return to the moment his mother was killed, which would then also allow Wells to return to his time. The Flash is able to reach the necessary speed and returns to his target time. This is the moment that defines this episode as Barry chooses not to act. The scene when the Future Flash looks over at Barry and gestures to him to wait slightly was brilliant. Pain and agony sweeps over Barry’s face. Though he is granted a final moment with his mother, this exchange between Barry and his mother is without a doubt the reward of this season. I am personally always up for a battle, but this scene between a mother and her son trumps any action-packed moment, because this is the end of a journey, this is the end of a traversed path. This is closure.

It is a glorious time to be a comic fan as we are truly in a “Heroic Age”. The CW has taken the Flash and propelled the character to a new level. If the Flash was ever considered a B-character, he now stands as a first round pick. Quite frankly, the character deserves these types of scripts, effort, and prestige. This is the Flash that would make anyone want to read and research the comic after watching a few episodes. The characters in this CW series are visually accurate and blast off the page.




“Fast Enough” closes a remarkable interpretation of the Flash. Despite the closing scene being an outdated cliché, absent a true ending, you won’t pass this series up.-BAlexander