What do you do in the face of certain death?  That is the question posed of Katar Hol and his beloved Shayera at the end of Convergence: Hawkman #1. The Thanagarians who have infiltrated Gotham, and the rest of pre-Crisis Earth, reveal to the trapped heroes what their alien calculation machine, a device powered by living minds, has shown – that Earth 1 and its entire history is doomed as the timeline rests under the shadow of the approaching Crisis that will collapse the multiverse and rewrite all known reality.  It is said that extreme circumstances reveal true character, bringing out both the best and worst in humanity.  Whether that is true of humans or not, Katar and Shayera prove it is certainly the fact with regard to their race.  As Hawkman opines, the end is always looming over everyone regardless, and one can only live in hope.

With this determination, Hawkman and Hawkwoman take to the skies to fight the battle that Telos has decreed.  In their case, it is against the combined forces of the batfolk and ratfolk from the world of the Great Disaster.  Katar and Shayera are momentarily overwhelmed, escaping to defeat their foes too late to prevent the launch of a missile containing powerful mutagens and aimed at Gotham.  Luckily, their fellow Thanagarians decide that they, too, must live in hope rather than despair.  Intercepting the rocket, they join the Hawks in the final route of the mutant foe.

Jeff Parker has crafted a tale of hope and bravery in which every side shows its worth.  It is true that Katar and Shayera are clearly the heroes of the battle, but in the end it is not they who save Gotham, but the Thanagarian invaders who are able to rise above both dark prophecy and original purpose.  For that matter, the rodent citizens of the Great Disaster world are not devoid of nobility.  Setting aside their traditional enmity, bat and rat join together in a fierce attempt to save their people and their reality.  In this, Parker has captured an abiding truth about Hawkman and Hawkwoman, a truth that has remained constant through multiple crises, reboots, and reimaginations that have left their origins notoriously convoluted.  But no twists of history or kinks of continuity have ever robbed the Hawks of their honor, a fierce and proud code that is embodied in the symbol of the bird they resemble.





But more than honor, the story of Katar and Shayera is about love. Whether they are reincarnating Egyptian royalty, space police officers, or a complex combination of the two, the bond of passion and tenderness between these two has endured the years as firmly as has their nobility. As Hawkman observes as he and his partner take flight into the sunlit sky, he will face any doom in the company of the woman he loves. And on what higher note can one hope to end a story, even in the shadow of crisis and death?