There is a great mystery at DC Entertainment, and her name is Donna Troy.  I know, I know, Donna and her troubles with origins have been a controversy, or at least a curiosity, for over half a century.  Wherever superhero fans gather and the conversation flags, whenever less dangerous topics like politics and religion have run their course, the tangled saga of Donna Troy inevitably arises.  But now the topic has taken on new urgency as DC has chosen to embrace the contradictions in Donna’s history, rather than downplaying them.

The story opens with Donna having fled from her imprisonment on Mount Olympus.  She is consumed with remorse and self-loathing for her role in the massacre of the Amazons’ brothers, who had come to seek shelter on Paradise Island.  Unfortunately, she is immortal, created from clay for the purpose of overthrowing Diana, a task at which she has proved singularly inept.  In any case, the malicious goddess Strife arranges for her escape and tells her the key to her ultimate freedom, that is her death, lies with the three Fates.

Donna finds the Fates, three old women in a London pub, who tell her that they did not spin the thread of her life.  Her being, her destiny, lies outside of time and beyond their purview.  She departs, disappointed.  Diana arrives soon afterward to find the Fates murdered, evidently by Donna, although we readers know she is innocent. Diana has no chance to pursue Donna, however, before being attacked by the archer Aegeus and his winged horse, Discordia.  The ambush does not go as the young man had hoped, and as the book closes he is facing a very annoyed God of War who is quite put out at having to interrupt her business to deal with the likes of him.

The crux of the issue is the revelation of Donna’s nature.  It is not even clear that her beginning springs from the clay from which her body was shaped.  As the fate Atropos intones in doggerel to warm the hellish heart of Etrigan, “Is this the beginning? We cannot say.  A darker magic hides that day.”

That could prove interesting enough if it only signals a further arc in Wonder Woman.  But we know that Donna is slated for other things.  Come October, she will be a character in the Titans Hunt series, which in its turn, judging by solicits and cover art, is a partial homage to the SEVEN SOLDIERS OF VICTORY arc of the 1970s Justice League.  In that story, a group of friends saved the universe, at the cost of being separated and scattered through time.  Perhaps Donna was hurled not just through time,but out of it.




This was a strange issue in many ways, being largely an exploration of a turning point character other than Diana. Who is Donna Troy? That is being set up a main theme of the arc, and the answer has equal chance to thrill or disappoint. But, considering that we are just now discovering who is Diana Prince, the gamble is a worthy one. And with Fate dead, only Donna can craft answers for herself.