I can barely recreate the events of breakfast, so I’m glad it’s the Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood and not me that have to recreate the entire universe. Then again, under the guidance/help of Glorian and Zee, even our two heroes have mixed results.

With the “Last Days” banner on the title, this issue continues to build on the Secret Wars event without being folded into Battleworld. I appreciate other characters being able to deal with the situation of the multiversal collapse, although it does have some of it’s narrative weight undercut. After all, this will go the way of the rest of the Marvel universe, really, so with our characters doomed to fail, we’re just waiting for that moment of failure.

I suppose that’s what they call ‘dramatic irony,’ in that the characters, particularly Dawn, are so giddily determined to recreate the universe even though the readers know it’s impossible. And, we readers just *know* that Glorian and Zee are two steps away from being The Bad Guys, although the reveal of any such Badness is drawn out and only hinted at, making a really weird tone of tension.

The art is really lovely. The figure work is great and expressive. Despite the simple graphic line work, the characters feel realistic, especially as they grip the enormity of their task and its implications. Dawn, in particular, is the quite broad in her gestures and face, and the flying figure of the Surfer has a whimsical quality to it. The backgrounds go from stark white to revealing And then there’s all the creepy parts to the Shaper of Worlds. The last page, in particular, has two panels that are nearly repeated visually, from background to foreground, with a jagged gutter between them and an off-kilter top line for the disturbing close-up of the Shaper’s mouth.

The full page splash of Surfer taking out Galactus is awesome.

Although, I’ll admit feeling like the issue is a bit dragged out. Perhaps it’s feeling the tension of the already-known ending, so the characters are kind of just going through motions that are foregone conclusions. Like someone telling joke that’s unnecessarily padded and you’re getting impatient for the punchline. It makes it hard to feel the import of such a story, when really there should be some pretty heavy import for nothing less than a recreation of all reality.




Here you’ll find some really wonderful art that’s flowing and kinetic. The story doesn’t really flow the same way, unfortunately, and is more just circling the drain in pretty widely meandering circles. I’ve read some recent comics reviews elsewhere that criticized the Secret Wars storyline for “getting in the way,” and while there’s no direct Battleworld or Doom references here, the publishing event itself does feel like a weight on this particular story.