Our favorite Irken has been in some very well-trusted hands with series creator Jhonen Vasquez and original series writer Eric Trueheart at the reins, but this week we take a step into uncharted waters. Well, only so uncharted as webcomics staple KC Green. Green doesn’t bother trying to replicate the classic Vasqueezean style, instead opting for something that suits him and more resembles the modern animation that’s filled the niche Invader Zim left way back when. There are places where the art just isn’t pleasing enough to the eye, leading our prota- ant- soon-to-be-overlord to look a little frog-like at times, but Zim’s new disguise is great and Green’s storytelling captures the manic energy of Zim and GIR down to the vocal performances.

The writing also feels authentically Zim, particularly recalling “Walk of Doom”. Green is clearly at home in this strange, horrible world and eager to explore the bizarre mundanity of it, which makes it a nice change from the more space-faring stories this series has told. Green relies on classic gags and inherently amusing images to move his story forward. Despite it all, the story kind of fizzles out and the last five pages feel tacked on. I guess they can’t all end with a dance party in Mexico…




It’s an interesting treat to see another cartoonist put their own spin on Zim, even if there are some occasional growing pains. Like last month’s issue and most of the episodes that spawned Zim, this is a completely inessential read. A weak ending and some repetitive jokes hold this one back, but this still feels like Zim and it’s a part of Zim that we haven’t gotten much of. If you enjoy the absurdist world that Zim inhabits this is a great look at it, but otherwise it’s merely an interesting experiment.